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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Follow Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

“Girls just want to have fun” is what Alice down the Rabbit Hole lives by. Money totally intimidates her, so she ignores it.

Even when her financial situation becomes a mess, she hands it all off to someone else to take care of. With this “stick your head in the sand” attitude, Alice is an easy mark for unscrupulous people. She has already been taken advantage a number of times because she trusts anyone who runs to her rescue.

My guest, Madelyn (Dede) Schwartz LCPC, is a clinical health psychologist who really understands the link between the mind-body and mind-money connections. She gives many examples as well as sharing her own story when she was “Alice”. You can contact her at True North Clinical Associates, 630-653-1000 or

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