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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – So what do we mean by being College Smart?

It’s a kind of attitude, a lifestyle — a way that students have of handling themselves and their days. Whatever their level of education, students need a new kind of awareness of themselves as students. They need to look at school in new ways.

Can your student be College Smart? Absolutely!!!
Do students know how to do it on their own? Afraid not.
That’s where the books come in.

The College Smart books walk you through it: Strategy after Strategy.
Students should start right now, wherever they are in school.

Take these few examples of being College Smart. How would your child score?

Being independent and self-sufficient. How well can they take care of themselves now? Have they started yet?    Getting organized. Do they have some kind of system?   Making good choices about using their time. Do they fall prey to distractions?   Do they procrastinate? It’s far more destructive than they know.   Do they know that what they do next Tuesday has the potential to affect their future?

Being smart is good. But more important is being academically and personally ready. The two lock together. Most students assume they’ll do well in college. 84% expect to graduate on time. Only 35% do.

No matter the age of the student, the very conversational College Smart series takes students and their parents by the hand and shows them how to succeed. They explain how to use the 12 Strategies and why they’re so important. These books can change your family’s life and shape a great future your child. Get College Smart right now!