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Conversations About Divorce

Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – Overcoming Your Fears About Divorce

Divorce may be one of life’s great growth opportunities but nobody embraces it or volunteers for the experience. Even the thought of it fills most people with anxiety and dread. Those feelings often stem from fear and what’s critical to understand is that decisions driven by fear are rarely the healthiest or best decisions.
In this episode, Mandy is joined by author Gerian Rose to talk about some strategies and techniques for identifying and overcoming your fears about divorce. Listen in to learn
  • How to recognize when fear is driving your decisions
  • The key to overcoming your fears
  • The two questions to ask yourself to help you face your fears
Gerian Rose is an author,coach and entrepreneur. Gerian decided to help others experiencing divorce after she endured an extremely challenging and prolonged separation and divorce. During the course of her experience, Gerian realized that the key to preserving some consistent happiness in her life was in finding practical, creative and spiritual ways of overcoming the various fear responses that frequently arose. You can learn more about Gerian at her and follow her on twitter @rosehousettr15.
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