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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Power of the Heart

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Baptist De Pape
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Baptist de Pape, author of The Power of the Heart. Baptist has assembled a collaboration of wisdom from leading spiritual thinkers, authors and scientists of our time such as Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav and many others who have all discovered the Heart is more than a physical organ and we can access a source of love and wisdom from the inner Being or essence of the heart that far surpasses that of the Mind.
Baptist and Sheryl will discuss as Baptist has written, that the voice of our hearts can bring about an astonishing transformation of our views of money, health, relationships and other aspects of life. Baptist De Pape born in Brasschaat, Belgium, is a spiritual explorer author and filmmaker. After graduating from the University of Tilburg Law School in the Netherlands, he traveled around the globe to interview the world’s greatest teachers for the film and book The Power of the Heart.
Baptist mentions that as a high achieving student, he was paralyzed with anxiety. Sheryl mentions that as a Reiki energy teacher, many of the people that come to her are sensitive or greatly in tune with the feelings of the heart and the spiritual universal understanding of Oneness Unity and the interconnection of all living beings to each other and to all of life. However it is only by becoming aware of their own energy force spirit through coincidences and synchronicity and the traumas of a physical life that they begin to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out we are all healers and need to learn ways to utilize this heart energy or soul presence for keeping ourselves healthy while moving towards self-actualization and our own hero’s journey.
Baptist tells us he was unable to sign a contract with a law firm after finishing school. He saw Oprah Winfrey interview Eckhart Tolle on a web class about finding one’s true purpose in life. Baptist says that changed his path completely. “When Tolle said that we should all think about what life wants from us rather than what we want from life…he had a sudden insight that part of his purpose in life was to investigate the power of the heart and make a film about it.
Sheryl shares the story of being called at work to see Oprah interviewing Gary Zukav author of The Seat of the Soul and having a similar feeling… “ Since I was now aware that we were functioning from our heart essence as well as the mind and aligned to an eternal life force “Spirit” Going from spirit to life and life returning to Spirit. I knew in that moment I must write a book to share my awakening process and being called as we all are called to remember that we are both an energy presence and a body! Life provides us with the experiences we need to refine our heart energy becoming more humane and compassionate no matter what the outside world brings into our experience. Many of the people I have met or observed over time and interviewed on Healing From Within like the people in Baptist’s new book are messengers and inspirational personalities who light the way forward for those who would make better choices if they clearly understood who they were and the possibilities for living their best life.”
Baptist says “The power of the heart is an inexhaustible source of love, wisdom and intelligence that is inside everyone and accessible to everyone. It far surpasses the power of the intelligence of the mind and is your true identity and authentic power. When you are connected with it the power of your heart will help you find your purpose in life and live your best life, and will change your attitudes and beliefs on how you think about money, health, relationships and success.”
Sheryl says it sounds like how she tries to explain what Reiki energy healing is. Sheryl a Reiki Master Teacher channels this heart based or Universal Energy which is intelligent, healing, inspirational, empowering, and a force for developing your inner spiritual awareness and reaching new perceptions about yourself helping you to develop your interests and talents to live life on your terms improving your thinking and behavior patterns giving lovingly to others and receiving the goodness of life. Reiki is a heart based ancient healing system which opens the heart to feeling emotions and mastering the effects of all the events that filter into our daily life…it is seeing with intuition intention and gratitude and when you live in this state coincidences and synchronicity and miracles become frequent they are quite simply messages and guidance from this heart based Universal Eternal Source of Life .
Baptist presents Rollin McCraty who once wrote.. “Almost every spiritual tradition and all of the major world religions talk about the heart being the access point to the soul, to the human spirit, to wisdom to intuition, these types of things and research is really starting to show that they’ve been right all along. The heart’s activity responds and changes before the brain does. The heart sends measurable signals to the brain which then responds.”
Sheryl says there are many different ways to connect with your heart’s power and intelligence such as meditation, prayer, silence, observing nature and children, letting go of past fears or behaviors which produce unwanted results…mainly it is learning to accept yourself and everyone else as they are working towards personal and common goals developing gratitude for the opportunities both good and bad which enable you to reflect on your own behavior and make choices will feel right for you…learning to say Yes to trying new experiences exploring different belief systems cultures work environment…moving past your comfort zone to grow and expand … to continue to allow people to enter your heart and to align to the giving and receiving of love and goodwill. Baptist says that as we are each unique we will all choose the way or ways to work with our heart essence and to see that it is nurtured and listened to in the “Silence” where all things can be understood and appreciated.
When Baptist approached some of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world about participating in this project, they were all immediately interested in being interviewed and excited to participate because they all felt themselves to be on a quest to know their spiritual energy and the power of the heart – a wisdom that needs to be shared. In ancient times, in the Mystery Schools, which searched for the heart and soul of Being, this was an understanding limited to the few privileged and educated people. Today, we are in the midst of a great Spiritual Awakening to move us forward from a world of materialism, competition and exclusion to a world where we join together and discover we are all connected to each other and an eternal life force at the Heart.
Sheryl says “Just as we co-create our lives with this higher Universal Force or Higher Intelligence- some call it God, I believe the profound stories and views of the writers in “The Power of the Heart” helped Baptist to validate and develop his own vision for the movie and book and to know that all who follow this long consistent path for self-discovery come to see life as a gift an Eternal Unfolding Universe of Enormous Potential for Change and Creation!”
“Like Baptist Sheryl has been fortunate to gather a conscious sampling of the spiritual messengers in our society today- guests on “Healing From Within” and to bring to the public the voices and whispers from the inspiration field of Knowledge that supports life on this planet and in dimensions of life beyond.”
When Sheryl was asked to do her first radio show for Voice America after writing her first book “Life Is No Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection,” she wasn’t sure how she would find leaders in the field of energy, medicine, science, spirituality, near death experience survivors, and those who were studying the Afterlife such as psychics and mediums. Sheryl had discovered beyond the shadow of a doubt, that as energy beings knowing energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, knew that Conscious survived physical death. One of Sheryl’s first guests gracious enough to participate on “Healing From Within” was Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, a medical doctor who had documented Near Death Experiences for 40 years about people who had died and returned to tell their stories. Now, like Baptist, Sheryl was so grateful that major players were able to join her and share their wisdom and passion for living a life of authentic grace and love but therein lies the answer..those who know and appreciate the beauty of life will rarely say no and will explore every opportunity for their personal growth and to assist others on this life long quest for higher Consciousness.
Baptist says the most important teacher and guide to living and loving is your own heart which takes you on a journey of self-discovery to understand past patterns and behaviors and to go beyond any fears or limitations to truly embrace life, all of its challenges and joys, and to change yourself into the most aware cooperative and functional human being that is possible.
Some of the most helpful insights the Co-creators gave Baptist is that “A higher order of logic and understanding originates in your heart…Your heart sees life as if it is following the course of a river—from the source down to the sea—whereas your mind cannot look beyond the next bend. Your mind cannot connect the dots looking forward, can only connect from looking backward…but your heart or inner being or soul knows that the dots will somehow connect down the river and with faith and trust you will be lead to the right path for your needs. Once you truly understand this you will have the confidence to follow your heart and not be stymied by others or listen to the fears of the ego chatter of your mind…you will hurt no one and invalidate nothing but ask for help from your heart and spirit instincts and accept whatever unfolds.”
Baptist feels that reading The Power of the Heart you may find that all spiritually concerned matters seek to direct you to a journey of self discovery revealing how you must overcome limitations of patterns and thought processes that hold you back from your own intelligence or inner wisdom and in doing so you can learn to feel, hear use this wisdom in your daily life, work and relationships. In exploring the thoughts and messages from the world’s greatest teachers, you will be inspired and helped to find your own hidden talents and fulfill your highest purpose in life.
Sheryl and Baptist have discussed how thousands of years ago people in various cultures around the world saw the heart as the center of intelligence within the human system. As Howard Martin writes….The earliest writings I’ve ever seen about it go back 4,500 years to ancient Chinese medicine. In the Chinese characters for thinking, thought, and love all include the character for heart.
The best way to connect with your heart, as Tolle, Chopra, and the other Co-creators recommend is through silence. Deepak Chopra wrote… “The way to connect with your soul, with your spirit is just to bring your awareness to your heart. Bring your conscious awareness to your heart.”
Everything in the universe is within you, Ask all from yourself. (RUMI ancient philosopher and poet)
Sheryl tells Baptist that she believes it is by opening your heart to notice the goodness of people and life that you are able to go beyond blame self-doubt and all negative emotions to become aware of your inner personal power or heart based essence and to begin to understand who you really are and why you are here. That is the journey for all seekers of truth who discover the aspects of our inner and outer worlds and learn to utilize the best of both worlds..
In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love she shares the journey we all travel which is the real purpose for having a physical life to remember that force of life- the gift of life which is the eternal essence of Soul found within our heart. And Sheryl wrote “ Each human being builds through unity and purpose of experiences an indivisible “ Oneness” the finest aspects of divine blessings which are love humility forgiveness and the generosity of merging ourselves with all that is…..Remember as your heart beats and your feet tap and you dance to music only you can hear from your guide or angel in an eternal place of true love, that you are never alone.”
Baptist and Sheryl would have you remember the infinite heart based soul born to participate in the joys and wisdom utilizing our full heart based potential for expansion and the refinement of love and compassion and to move with joy through the challenges and changes in our everyday lives without fear or pain, holding true to our authentic life purpose which is to love from the heart without restriction or limitation.
Guest: Baptist De Pape