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The Roots of Health

Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Our Modern Shape with Scott Robison

The human species today is captive in a modern environment of its making. It’s like we created a zoo for ourselves by building structures and moving indoors. The bulk of human evolution took place in nature – under a certain set of environment pressures that literally shaped our species.

And our modern environment and social constructs continue to shape our species… often creating painful conditions for us.

Scott Robison is here to talk with me about how your modern environment continues to shape you today – and what you can do to reverse this trend. Scott practices structural bodywork at the Therapeutic Massage Center of Middleton, in Middleton, WI. Structural bodywork is a manual therapy practice focused on the manipulation of the body’s fascial system to achieve balance and ease in gravity.

Scott and I chat about how chairs, shoes, & screens put us into unnatural positions that our bodies adapt to – so much so that when we stand, move, take our shoes off, and put the screen down, our bodies are no longer adapted to the positions that they were designed to be in. We provide awareness around these positions – so that you can catch yourself in them and correct them on your own, and we chat about the support of ‘structural bodyworker’ to help facilitate your return to your natural position.