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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – How to Understand and to Distinguish what’s Important and Valid in Research Related to Alzheimer’s Disease

There is always new and interesting research being conducted and published related to Alzheimer’s disease.  The findings are varied and often contradict each other so how do we know what to believe?  This week’s guest, Brigid Reynolds, nurse practitioner, research investigator and faculty at Georgetown University demystifies the research process and provides an overview of how research is conducted and how to differentiate which findings hold value or not.   For further information on clinical trials visit: Clinical Trials and NIH.

How can you continue to connect with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of Dementia?  Are there activities that can stimulate conversation and trigger memories?  Yes!  This week’s Resource Report features GreyMatters, an APP that can be easily downloaded on your IPad and used by caregivers in the home or in a care facility to provide meaningful discussion topics.