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Leadership Unleashed

Lesley Hunter

Leadership Unleashed – What can Human Leaders Learn from Dogs?

My own original work is based on helping humans understand leader behaviour by using the metaphor of how a human leads a dog. In this show, I get the chance to talk to Dr Isla Fishburn, a holistic dog behaviourist who has worked with wolves, wolf hybrids and domestic dogs. She is an expert in Conservation Biology and, through her business Kachina Canine Communication, is committed to helping humans understand how dogs communicate with us through their behaviour. So, if you have ever wondered what is going on in a dog’s head – what they are thinking – why they are behaving the way they do – now is your chance to find out. I genuinely believe there is so much we can learn from our four legged friends so grab a coffee, invest 30 minutes in your development as a leader, listen and learn!