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Lift Like A Girl

Nia Shanks

Lift Like A Girl – STRONG Woman Series: Disease and Injury Did NOT Stop Her

In this empowering episode Nia is joined by Amy Latawiec. Amy shares her incredible journey about breaking free from an unhealthy, sedentary life and became a competitive athlete. But the journey doesn’t end there – Amy shares her story about being diagnosed with a disease at the peak of her athleticism, and how she came out stronger because of it even after being told, “In two years you won’t be able to walk”. And her trials didn’t end there – she recently underwent surgery and is still recovering. Even dealing with disease and being in a brace from her ribs to knees, Amy is still living life to the fullest.

You’ll walk away from this amazing episode ready to tackle the battles life throws your way and determined to always be the best, strongest version of yourself.

You can find more from Amy on her website. For more by Nia and to join the Lift Like a Girl revolution, go to her website .