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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Web of Life and Interconnections

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: David Christopher
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, a story intended to explore the world of Universal Energy as a means to align our physical life to our inner being and in the process to become a more conscious awakened citizen working for personal development and a more unified and hopeful world community. Sheryl welcomes special guest David Christopher author of a Nautilus Silver award winning book, The Holy Universe: A New Story of Creation for the Heart Soul and Spirit. The Nautilus award is the most prestigious book award in transformational literature.
David Christopher describes the reason for writing The Holy Universe and says : “Like so many people who left the faiths of their youth, as an adult I yearned to believe in something. But as the religious interpretations of the scriptures proved deeply unsatisfying to me, so too, did the cold, factual stories of modern science fail to speak to my spirit. I struggled with being in an unjust world seemingly bent on ecological self-destruction. I craved spiritual direction that encompassed more than self-help, a story that could help me create meaningful work for myself that made a difference in a world of mass extinctions, deep injustices and spiritual poverty….So I abandoned my own telling of the story of creation, one that feels reminiscent of the scriptures and helps me make sense of the profound crisis of our times…these dialogues have helped me make sense of both science and the spirit, have helped ground me in the cosmos…Perhaps you will find them useful , too.”
Sheryl thanks David for the lovely way in those words that he has captured the “awakening process” so reminiscent of her own process of growth and that so many others who are the visionaries and leaders working for integration and a merging of world sensibilities and sensitivities for finally arriving at the truth of who we are, where we come from and how at this juncture in the evolution of humanity we must gather together beyond the false beliefs of our childhood and societal mores to find the wisdom within our collective soul needs.
David had to leave behind corporate and airline careers. He pursued his passion for exploring answers to humanity’s questions about our place in the Universe studying the works of transformational scientists philosophers and theologians along with his work with the Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening The Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. The Holy Universe talks about a new story or a new worldview. The new story draws ideas from newer discoveries of science that have yet to permeate our culture, from discoveries that go well beyond the old scientific stories…It embraces the mysterious and the mystical just like stories of other faiths that humanity has created through the years…It at once challenges the story of the modern world, or what he has been calling Modern Mind and shows us a possible path forward.Each era of Modern Mind finds the absolute truths of a previous era antiquated and quaint, not realizing that its own absolute truth will also seem antiquated and outdated in the next era. So in every story it is changing as we rediscover or discover more about ourselves, our planet, our galaxy, our Universe and the Infinite.
David has this story of ancient mind and modern mind and evolution coming out in a dialogue between a Seeker and a Sage. In Sheryl’s new book, The Living Spirit, which is written as narrative non-fiction also incorporating self-help techniques and a greater understanding of energy medicine and alternative healing choices for multi-dimensional healing expresses a greater view of who we are as both spiritual and human beings…the stories that read like narration are still accurate to every detail and I believe David’s fictional story of a dialogue between his female Sage and male seeker incorporates personal insights and events from the experiences he has observed over a lifetime of introspective thought.
David tells a story relating to my hope to combine alternative healing modalities with allopathic medicine In writing when he writes about a village removed from the civilizations of Modern Mind and when the villagers are struggling with diseases that the doctors of Modern Mind could not heal they find they have to go beyond their disparaging attitudes towards the medicine practices of the naturalistic shamans or healers for the village and work in conjunction with these traditional or natural healing practices. The doctors came to realize that one approach is not always better than the other..both treatments and techniques have something to offer and soon the doctors and healers overcome their distrust of one another, begin to talk and the doctors realize they have much to learn from the healers regarding plants and therapies used to treat the very maladies their village people encountered.
Sheryl says, “In her book The Living Spirit she address a view of Universal Energy and the laws of the Universe along with a clearer view of multi-dimensional healing thinking and shares how the merging of ancient hands on healing energy systems along with modern or allopathic medical practices is a collaboration of ancient and modern mind philosophies incorporating the best of both worlds… much like the desire David has to merge ancient mind and modern mind moving towards the Planetary view of all life. Sheryl wrote….Today I am a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher as well as a medium although perhaps a different kind of medium. Before each Reiki session I go into a meditative state, traveling to other realms and levels of consciousness. The information I retrieve about the client informs the session so the energy channeled through me goes where it is needed most. …..As a practicing healer/medium I am able to help an individual or a group access their own soul being leading them to know there is no separation between where we begin as energy beings and physical beings. There is also no separation between any layer of life or the layers and dimensions of the Universe.
The Sage describes three different “Minds” and how it is different from the Modern Mind.
The three minds described in the Holy Universe are Ancient Mind Modern Mind Planetary Mind: Ancient Mind was human consciousness emerging in the form of a human being who sensed the infinite within itself and the Infinite within all beings. Ancient Mind brought forth stories of the spirits of the Creator of the place for all people in the Web of Life. Modern Mind created new ways of being in the world: ways different than those of Ancient mind. Modern mind unlike Ancient Mind which saw things both ways differentiated yet still connected. Modern Mind sees things as separate and not connected. Modern mind left behind the gentleness and connection to earth and heaven and began to exploit the land, bred plants and animals to its desires, judged some creatures as not being worthy to be within the Web of Life, and began to defend territory and make war upon neighbors.
In a positive light, Modern Mind added to lessons it learned created tools to grow more food build more intricate dwellings make weapons drew stories from the Ancient Mind about the spirit world and created new stories of gods and goddesses built shrines to them chose leaders to settle disputes to bestow justice, chose holy ones to seek the appeasement of the gods and goddesses so the village would thrive.
Modern Mind began to tell itself Humanity is the grandest creator in the Universe and the earth was created solely for its sake. Humanity is separate from The Web of Life. Leadership passed from parent to child as leaders surrounded themselves with specialist…priests, warriors, artisans and traders, while the multitudes were cast into labor upon the land. Modern Mind required more children to fulfill grow desires and childrearing fell more and more upon women….their power diminishing as their domain or source of influence and freedom grew smaller with men garnering more power.
Some began to feel the echoes of the wordless knowledge of the Infinite who felt the ache of disconnection whispering beneath and wished and sought to regain this knowing. When people of ancient mind pained by the madness of Modern Mind struggled against it even sought to enlighten Modern Mind Modern Mind refused to listen for it knew its story to be beyond dispute and the story now told was:
The Universe is dead; the earth is only an insignificant rock spinning off into a lifeless cosmos
Humanity is a mere accident: indeed all of life is a vacuous accident And while the Universe somehow creates many fantastic things and humanity is the pinnacle of this improbable process Humanity must struggle in unending competition and must dominate The Web of Life. For humanity is ultimately alone in and alienated from and must find its lonely stumbling way through…
Planetary Mind or the third mind view is the way of the future and the best way to combine Modern Mind and Ancient Mind… It is a new world view that encompasses the lessons learned by both the Seen and Unseen worlds and forces. Planetary Mind acknowledges the deep connection that all life has with the cosmos but also acknowledges the day to day realities of living on a finite Earth Planetary also emphasizes that our actions have planetary effects and that we must be mindful of what we do if we are to survive.
In the second part of The Holy Universe, The Sage talks about the Great Transformation. The Great Transformation is the sum of these enormous epic, global changes, and it is already underway..However these changes are diminishing the ability of the Web of Life to provide for us and all of its children…the crisis are social spiritual and ecological and they are all related..SOCIALLY we have enormous accumulations of wealth which instead of bringing prosperity to all have brought riches to the few while impoverishing billions of others…I doubt humanity can endure under the strain of deep unfairness. Modern Mind’s consumer worldview telling us to buy and have more is deeply unsatisfying and we suffer from mental and spiritual starvation as deep as any physical poverty..and these social and spiritual crisis are directly related to the worldview that is damaging our planet..Overuse of natural resources and a decline in certain species in unprecedented numbers due to pollution and destruction of their habitats which are disappearing….much like the time 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct.
The three tasks of Planetary Mind at this present time are to reconnect with the Infinite seeing ourselves as an integral part of the Infinite, to cultivate a sense of awe for the Universe: to hold the Web of Life as sacred as it is indeed which brought us forth and sustains us. Our tasks are to learn to live within the means of Earth’s bounty and to help the environment and ecology systems heal itself and to create our cultures in ways that align with the essences and lessons of the Web of life. While we tend to not recognize the connections among ecology, spirituality and society’s institutions now this is critical to seek greater fairness and justice and to learn the rewards of cooperation as we move beyond our self-interests.
The Sage also talks about how these enormous challenges could actually help us live the most meaningful lives ever lived.
David wrote “The new Planetary Mind has the potential to help humanity navigate the perilous waters it has created for itself because it acknowledges the deep connection that all life has with the cosmos but also acknowledges the day to day realities of living on a finite Earth. Therefore, Planetary Mind also emphasizes that our actions have planetary effects and that we must be mindful of what we do if we are to survive…” Sheryl relates to David that she saw a movie several years ago which reminds her of these themes. In the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” actor Keanu Reeves arrives on Earth. He portrays a higher being or life force who has come down to Earth to see how humanity is evolving and deems the populace unfit to continue as they are headed towards destroying the planet which fits into a larger Universal plan supporting life beyond Earth and which might have to be sacrificed so the rest of the Universe could continue.”
David and Sheryl have shared the power of self-investigation into the world of our energy life and physical life for discovering the enormous potential that awaits each of us when we rediscover the inner wisdom of our soul and eternal life force or Ancient Mind and review the past so we may joyfully be present in the miraculous events that are unfolding right now in our Modern Mind as we claim our right to work and live cooperatively and become both the best version of ourselves and examples for future generations to find peace world success and a fulfilled life.
David wrote…. “But this example shows a way of getting out of habitual thinking on an individual level. Let’s look at building a house from the perspective of harnessing the wisdom of the collective….If you asked all the people involved in building the house to a meeting, they’d all come with different idea s on how the house should be built….Those meeting are often train wrecks….
But if you brought in someone who was skilled, who helped these stakeholders deliberate the issues and information,
indeed made sure to bring good information from all sources, made sure that there were people with different backgrounds and ideas in the room, and made sure the group fully heard each person, it’s very possible that the group could find common ground,
even among people with disparate positions.
Done well, the worst that could happen is that the members will at least have more trust and respect for one another.
The best that can happen is that a strong collective authority emerges from the group.”
David and Sheryl will continue to hope and work towards sharing a unified understanding of ourselves as energetic beings connected to all of life-The Web of Life and to achieving a plan for the refinement of our thinking and that of our actions to manifest and create through Oneness of intention a world community filled with acceptance tolerance love and prosperity for everyone.
Guest: David Christopher