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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Auto Augmentation: Using Fat To Augment The Face & Body: Dr Lycka & Dr Schaffner

Auto Augmentation …. What is it? Well, you may know it by the term Fat Transfer. It is the process where your own body fat is harvested, processed and then injected into an area of your face or body to enhance it, to give it a better shape. It is an alternative to using implants for breast or buttocks and an alternative to using injectable fillers in the face. Auto-Augmentation is the featured subject this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today when your host Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Adam Schaffner from his practice in Park Avenue, New York City. The two doctors begin by explaining exactly what auto-augmentation is and the benefits over implants and fillers. They describe the latest techniques used, and discuss a number of important aspects to consider when it is used in various parts of the body.

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