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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders: What Every Mom Should Know

Emotional changes, like “The Baby Blues,” are a big part of pregnancy and postpartum, affecting 4 of every 5 women. 1 in 5 will go on to experience a pregnancy or postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, like postpartum depression. Together, these disorders are considered the most common complication associated with childbirth, yet most new moms never receive adequate education about them. What are “Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders?” Why do they happen? And what can you do to overcome them? In this episode, my guest, Dr. Pec Indman, co-author of Beyond the Blues: Understanding & Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety,” and I discuss this spectrum of pregnancy and postpartum emotional changes, what you can do about them, and where to turn for support and help. Listen and then share this important episode with all the moms, sisters, friends, and women in your life. Then, visit my website for more on pregnancy and postpartum emotional health and treatment.