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Money and Divorce continued….

One of the most contentious parts of a litigious divorce is the splitting of marital assets.  Sometimes, in the process of “discovery”, one spouse may not provide full disclosure.  It is times like this when you might want to call on my next guest for help.

Peggy Tracy, is a CFP®, CDFA and CFE.  If I may translate – she is a Certified Financial Planner ™, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Fraud Examiner.

As a CDFA, she works with clients, attorneys, financial advisers and mediators to determine an equitable financial settlement that provides the best possible outcome.  Because of her training as a fraud examiner she can find hidden assets.  Wait until you hear some of her stories!

Peggy is owner of Priority Planning. You can reach her at or 630-682-8540.

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