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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Motherhood & Creativity: Uplift & Inspire!

Creativity is a huge part of being a mom; from parenting children to home-making, to fulfilling our own dreams. In fact, being a mother is, by definition, a creative pursuit: we literally creators of life and families. How can we nurture our creativity, keep it alive and kicking, and use it to uplift and inspire our children, families, communities, and ourselves? My guest, Rhonna Farrer, has found the way! As a graphic artist and creator of the award-winning mobile device apps, Rhonna Designs & RD Magic, Rhonna strives, each day, to foster her creativity and use it to uplift and inspire others. Listen to todays episode and get your creative juices flowing! (And if you’re thinking “But I’m not creative,” well, you’re wrong! We all have a creative purpose, whether we know it or not—you’ll see!) Then, check out my posts, “Creativity & Motherhood: 5 Ways to Uplift & Inspire Your Kids, Others, & Yourself!” and “Create the Life You Desire, parts 1 & 2,” for more ideas to help you “uplift and inspire”!