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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Are You Eating From Habit? Bringing Choice to Food

One of the earliest relationships we develop is with food, and often by adulthood our eating patterns are habitual and unconscious. How can we become aware of our habits and shift to eating consciously?

Sylvia Haskvitz, Registered Dietitian and author of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit, joins us to talk about how to develop a relationship with food that is characterized by compassion and gentleness, instead of “should” and “have to.” While food is a physiological need, we can also use food as a strategy, trying to fulfill other needs that are not being met. When we slow down the process to notice and honor both our emotions and what our body requires, we open up new possibilities and options for what we can choose. Ending our “autonomy tantrums” around food and the demand-resistance cycle that we can easily fall into allows a healthier relationship to develop between ourselves, our body, and the food we eat.

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