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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Sonja Grace
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love , shares miraculous stories offering a look at the Universal Laws of Energy and how to recognize our energetic and physical life potential by discovering more about our interconnection to each other and the web of life. Sheryl welcomes Sonja Grace, for a second time to the show. Sonja’s newest book Become An Earth Angel shares a way for listeners to realize their own brilliant life force and to find the personal power they possess for personal transformation and for creating a better world reality.
By exploring the metaphysical world of science spirituality and religion we may discover a collective worldwide merging of ancient and modern ways to reach higher consciousness and greater processing of our ego and heart qualities for knowing who we are, where life originated and how to live more responsibly creatively lovingly and productively. Sonja Grace who is a mystic and healer offering remote viewing, channeling, past and future life therapy, alien and entity clearing and communication with the divine brings a new perspective to the angel genre explaining how our planet has moved into the fifth dimension and we are about to witness a new order of earth angels. Hundreds of thousands of people are beginning to feel a calling to their spiritual light. We will discuss explanations of the angels and the earth angel phenomenon…what and who they are, how to identify them, what they do, where they come from, and their particular mission at this time in the earth’s history.
As a child Sonja perceived herself as different…she asked a lot of questions and perceived or saw the supernatural and tells us she had Archangel Gabriel as her teacher.
An earth angel as Sonja is describing, is able to perceive and interact with celestial beings and accepts the responsibility of living as an angel on earth surrendering her human will to divine will and actively improves the welfare of all. Sonja says some earth angels as children spent time with angels and also perceived ghosts demons fairies and shadows of both light and dark. For Sonja the physical world was a line sketch and all things spiritual were the color both inside and outside the line.
As some people are aware winged angels are known to transcend all realms…they fly into our nightly dreams, catch us when we fall and affirm the most hidden aspects of ourselves…they watch over, guide and encourage humankind and always have..But even the most powerful of the heavenly angels now need help…our help. They are seeking individuals to be anointed for angelic work, individuals willing to transcend their own fears and inadequate perspectives and operate as angels on Earth or as “earth angels.”
Sonja states “To be an earth angel requires surrendering to a request from the heavenly angels to advance what is most real inside of us all…our goodness our true angelic nature. To do this we must be willing to work hard address our personal karma and practice forgiveness…we must include rather than exclude emotion, be ever intuitive but also practical and reasonable and be willing to live authentically with integrity selfless giving and humility.”
Sonja says our galaxy or world has recently moved from the fourth dimension in which human beings have existed for centuries into the fifth dimension. Sonja tells us something of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions and the change that is happening now and how it will benefit humanity. It is the shift that heralds the arrival of the new order of earth angels though there have always been people who have performed the duties of these special people. The best way to describe the dimensions is as energy. As we shift from one dimension to another the vibration is much higher and in turn our rate of manifestation is supercharged. The fifth dimension is described in Hopi prophecy as the fifth world. Their belief is at the end of the fourth world we will see worldwide destruction and division as a result of ideology. Those who do not participate will unite as one race of human beings. In a Hopi Prophecy from “The Book of the Hopi” Frank Waters the author writes,” Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds. The same kind of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars and implanted in our hearts as well…The effect this new fifth dimension is having on sensitive people around the world is profound. You may have experienced dramatic changes or total disruption in your life. Some people have lost homes, jobs relationships and undergone a complete overhaul. Others feel discomfort in their physical body perhaps a high pitch ringing in their ears. Still more feel lost and have an urgent need to discover why they are here and what is their purpose. The new frequencies on Earth are reshaping how we experience the world and our DNA has shifted along with our sensory systems. It is a necessary process and change. You are becoming an Earth Angel or the human of tomorrow.
In understanding the purpose and nature of angels we may decide that the Angels reside in the parallel universe that exists in the highest vibration…a literally vast universe that oversees our universe and is home to the Archangels..Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, etc. It is the Spirit World we return to when we leave life…the energy of the Angels is the closest to Source or the Divine that we can experience. These benevolent beings are guides related to different realms of consciousness and they create balance and healing for all who come in contact with them. They instill protection, healing, guidance and love. Angels are the very essence of a high vibration and particles of light that protect the Divine and since we are all particles of the Divine or God Body the angels watch over all who enter the earthly realm.
Many people may experience the presence of angels when a loved one is sick or dying, during the birth process and while engaged in meditation.
Sonja mentions several Earth Angels of the Past: Mahatma Gandhi, Edgar Cayce, Mother Theresa, and Yogananda. They all lived to serve others practiced nonviolence and truth in all situations advocating that others do the same: ate simple foods and lived authentically with humility and respect for all living things-they practiced profound healing and understood that we are all particles of God and there is no separation…have an awareness of past lives and interconnectedness. They all realized the need to uncover resistance and to confront and parent our inner child or soul essence.
Sonja tells us about her visit to Mt. Shasta, a mountain in California is considered a vortex of energies and it was there that Sonja traveled through time and space and seated with her were the ascended masters Buddha, St Germain, Babaji, Yogananda and Jesus to name a few. Sonja learned then that time and space do not exist..we therefore exist in the same reality or energy superimposed on top of each other like layers and layers of life.
For those who are questing whether they are developing into an earth angel at this time in our development as spiritual beings having a physical life which will involve your evolution in all areas physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies..all must be nurtured take a look at some of the characteristics Sonja assigns to those with this energy.
Characteristics are:
  1. Authenticity – They know who they are and why they are here..there is no mask or facade.
  2. Need to help Others – Can see and feel the energy of others and know what they need. Compassion and love pour out but at the same time my respect and boundaries for others are intact never intruding on someone but sharing my gifts with those who ask.
  3. Integrity – Align to the will of God and that the work is done for the highest good of everyone. Gifts are not used for gain or power.
  4. Sensitivity – All of their senses including intuition are constantly open and are felt as an energetic acceleration…. Earth angel experiences all senses at all times experience telepathy, along with vivid dreams and psychic translations of past present and future..They experience constant contact with the Divine
  5. Humility – Transcending duality they no longer need to attach themselves to anything. Inner peace as displayed by Gandhi was as he lived with total humility.
  6. Healing – The gift of healing is something most earth angels are born with. The healing aspect is the most difficult for an earth angel as it requires grounding, awareness and selflessness. The healer is the one who understands how illness can serve us and help others to see there is no victimization.
  7. Compassion – No soul gets left behind…there is no separation between people cultures or religion Dealing with stories of loss pain and hardship wherever.
  8. Sense Of Purpose – Earth Angels know their purpose and pray that they are in alignment with God and their work is for the highest good of everyone.
  9. Past Lives – The common thread connecting all earth angels is their experience of past lives as healers mystics or visionaries. Earth angels have worked throughout history helping people all over the world..job of earth angel is not for faint of heart but for warriors who know where they have been and what they have done.
  10. Love – The path of the earth angel is one of service, of transcending duality and embodying such a high vibration of love that that there is no seam between this world and the spirit universe….love all people as you love your own family.
The Seven Realms are:
  1. In first realm undeveloped space with low frequencies entities demons and darkness..Humans also experience this realm If their vibration is low.
  2. The second realm is filled with disruption chaos death and birth..this is where earth exists and we may find turbulence such as earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers oceans and the natural cycle of life. ( A fight or flight modality relating to the first chakra exists here.
  3. In the third realm we experience more cohesiveness and a willingness to work together.. There is communication and a desire to help one another. The gateway to the Parallel Universe exists in the third realm.
  4. The fourth realm is a much higher energy and home to the ascended master…Buddha Jesus Krishna and many others..the energy in this realm requires an enlightened state of being to handle this frequency. The fourth realm is a realm to aspire to as we reach for our own transformation…a vibration of peace exists here…
  5. In the fifth realm the frequency can be painful if you have not dissolved your karmic threads. Many beings from the Universe exist here..this energy is foreign to humans Aliens may be experienced here.
  6. The 6th realm is a place where time and space, color and sound all merge into a vibration of light, transforming everything to that frequency. Beings that never incarnated but have the ability to take physical form are in this realm Beings of a high frequency only exist in this realm The angels use this realm for doctoring and healing.
  7. The seventh realm is where the angels naturally exist. This high vibration is where the angels naturally is where the angels naturally exist. This high vibration of white light is infused with a violet and crystalline energy that creates a matrix of light. The angels and their song fill this realm because it is the source of their frequency….they are immersed in the Divine and carry that energy with them.
Sonja describes how Archangel Uriel speaks of the energies layer that creates the universe. The layers or auric fields are much like the layers within your own aura. The earth also has an auric field with layers defining each energy center. The galaxy and earth exist in one of the sectors of the universe that radiate outward from the center. Our galaxy is in a layer that connects to other parts of the Universe. There are many intricate aspects of our universe and most remain Unseen. Which we tend to dismiss even though we feel the energies…much like a healer or medium who picks up information from the various layers of a person’s energy field and the energies of souls or angels that they send to us.
Sonja has a chapter with descriptions on many of the Archangels and some which are referred to are as follows:
Archangel Michael is the leader among angels and has been adopted by police, firefighters soldiers protectors of truth surfers dancers car racers wrestlers body builders football and basketball players sun and beach worshippers. Michael is larger than a human and moves through the ethers at lightning speed. He is a warrior and uses his sword to release us from fear within the duality. Often he carries a violet flame which clears negativity..his gold glimmered clothing turns to armor if the negativity is powerful.
Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel..his name means God is my strength. He is the archangel of action and communication. He helps those involved in the arts and writers speakers philosophers physicists life coaches etc. He helps to spread the word. Deeply compassionate and motivated by a love for humanity he assists with clearing entities and astral plane energies.
Archangel Raphael is the healer of physical bodies both for humans and animals..His name means God Heals. Raphael will go where he is called but cannot interfere with a person’s free will. Archangel Raphael assists with clearing inappropriate cords, links or lifelines. He is the patron saint of astronomers, doctors nurses healers shamans and medicine women. Also helps with eliminating addictions cravings clairvoyance eye sight support for healers lost pets clearing spaces. Releasing spirits and protecting travelers.
Becoming an earth Angel offers a clear path to understanding why loving at the deepest level of your being means no separation and what that means for all humanity’ Janet Greek wrote, “We are and will continue to see many people feeling a calling to their spiritual light. Earth Angels or spiritually connected individuals are often able to access special spiritual energy gifts to help others for healing emotional physical and spiritual issues using skills such as distant healing remote viewing provide information to help their clients develop new perspectives for events in their lives and to make more conscious choices to bring greater health and prosperity to their lives.
Sonja and Sheryl have shared her life journey stories from a childhood where they were aware of the larger picture of Universal Life. Sonja intimately mingled with Archangels traveled in the angelic universe and committed her life to working with her spiritual gifts for advancing into the world what is within us all… a sense of goodness. Sonja wrote “After all our human nature is two-fold. In order to transform our lives and the planet we must be willing to work hard. We must be willing to address our personal karma and practice forgiveness. We must include rather than exclude emotions. We must be ever intuitive but also practical and reasonable. And we must be willing to live authentically with integrity, selfless giving and humility. All this is necessary to become an earth angel, to gain the insight and power necessary to transform our lives and the planet.”
Sonja and I have welcomed those loved ones in Spirit who surround us all.
Sheryl since her growing awareness of the Universal forces of energy and life for raising our level of consciousness has hoped to see us create Heaven on Earth and a greater connectedness to our divine human and spiritual potential. Sheryl realizes that by developing our love of Self, humanity and nature and working alongside the higher realms of Conscious or eternal life forces we will access that divine quality of Spirit which resides within us and remember our own personal power for manifesting an evolved human and spiritual community.
Sheryl wrote, “In my book “The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love” I had a dream or perhaps a visit from one of my loving guides in Spirit and heard many beautiful words reflecting the grandeur of the realms of life above and I wrote, “As I awoke from my dream I remembered to be grateful for my life and was happy to know that so many others are finally awakened to this awareness of their physical and spiritual lives. May we all rest in the peace of this lovely thought and finally breathe in the power of The Living Spirit available to all of us for creating a world that those above guide us to discover. And so it is!”