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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – What You Need To Know About Parent Teacher Conferences After Divorce

There’s no escaping them … if you have minor children then you will be attending Parent Teacher conferences. They’re certainly not most parents’ favorite activity and Parent Teacher conferences after divorce are even harder. However, your child will benefit if you can figure out how to keep these meetings focused on your child and their education and not on what’s happening between you and your ex.
Joining Mandy to discuss the ins and outs of these dreaded meetings is psychologist and single parenting expert, Dr. Leah Klungness.
Listen in to hear Mandy and Dr. Leah address:
  • When you should attend conferences solo
  • Why new partners attending makes it to complicated and may not be appropriate or even legal
  • How to handle disagreements with your ex during a conference
  • What to do when the teacher makes inappropriate remarks about divorce.
Leah Klungness more widely known as Dr. Leah is the co-author of The Complete Single Mother — the best selling self-help book ever written for single parents. Visit her site and follow her on Twitter @Dr_Leah.
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