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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Mysteries of Ancient Cultures Creation and Evolution

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Frank Joseph
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Frank Joseph one of the contributors of chapters in Lost Secrets of the Gods, who seek to know on a deeper level what historians over the centuries may have overlooked or not fully understood. As seekers of a truer view of mankind and eternal Universal source for Creation and Evolution, Frank and Sheryl are continually expanding their awareness and connections to others as well as to the past for a greater realization of achieving our true potential to thrive and go beyond merely surviving in the physical world while manifesting dreams and goals and offering a greater clearer view of history and possibilities.
Frank Joseph, who has authored more books about the lost civilization of Atlantis than any other writer in history, was the editor in chief of Ancient American, a popular science magazine. Frank has participated in hundreds of underwater expeditions from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean off North Africa. He is a professor of world archaeology at Japan’s Savant Society and his many and varied accomplishments and interests will in this show shed light on what many can only dream about but which some people are able to embrace as not merely supposition, but fact…and this can only improve our understanding beyond what is known in history books shedding new awareness onto little known miracles or truths.
Sheryl tells Frank that, “The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, shares her journey as a person believing in science and fact but still appreciating history and even the mystical tales of the past but always focusing on finding proof that could be seen felt or received by her senses in the physical world…in going past those limiting ideas of the ego or societal patterns Sheryl discovered a higher reality of life… the world of Energy and our connection to Universal Source and a different perception on life death and ways to reach our full potential. Along the way she become a Reiki Master Teacher and medium exploring the world with new vision much like the contributors to Frank Joseph’s book “Lost Secrets of the Gods.” For those out there who wish to explore energy healing, psychic development, afterlife and to simply know yourself and to awaken and develop your spiritual awareness read these books…”
In reading Plato’s “Atlantis Fact or Fiction” article, Frank gave much information about how Atlantis has been perceived over the course of time.
To many, Atlantis was only a myth and opens to the factual possibilities that there is much disagreement on origin, age, location, size, manner of destruction or some, Atlantis was as large as a continent –Antarctica or the whole of South America or no larger than just Santorini a tiny Greek island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Atlantis may have been in the Canary Islands, the Bahamas, Cuba, Spain, Malta, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, or any of several other places.
Atlantis is perceived to be the first civilization, technologically modern and beyond an Ice Age tribal society, a bronze age empire a Minoan outpost or a Greek Classical period town destroyed by a volcano, tsunami, earthquake pole shift comet asteroid, flying saucer attack or social suicide anywhere from more than 100,000 years ago.
Frank speaks of Plato and if Plato believed Atlantis was real or not. Plato was a credible advocate of Atlantis. He was the founder of the Academy in Athens- the first institute of higher learning in the Western World who helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science. Some skeptics say Plato claimed Plato merely invented Atlantis to dramatize the ideal state.. on the contrary Plato depicted Atlantis as a corrupt culture meriting destruction but may have used Atlantis as a philosophical and historical parallel to show how the degenerative causes leading to an originally virtuous societies caused its downfall.
R. Catesby Taliaferro in the foreword to a translation of The Timaeus and the Kristias wrote “ It appears to me to be at least as well attested as any other narration in any ancient historian. Indeed Plato who proclaims that truth is the source of every good both to gods and men and the whole of whose works consists in detecting error and exploring certainty, can never be supposed to have willfully deceived mankind by publishing an extravagant romance as matter of fact with all the precision of historical narrative. Plato repeatedly insists throughout his Atlantis account on its veracity…”it is not fiction bur true history…he tells us the story of Atlantis is inscribed in Egyptian hieroglyphs on pillars inside large temples.. SO PLATO BELIEVED ATLANTIS TO BE REAL.
Frank describes how Atlantis may have been constructed and how it looked and how he thinks the people of that time could have had the knowledge and tools to construct such a city…..Atlantis was a typical Atlantic Ocean isle favored with abundant soil and timber for every kind of manufacturing activity. The appearance of elephants in Plato’s account was used by skeptics to fault his views until remnants of their bones were found on the ocean floor off the Portuguese coast in l967. The first glimpse of Atlantis that visitors had upon arriving by ship would have been a wall beginning at the sea and running around the entire city. Behind the wall was Atlantis literally meaning the daughter of Atlas the titan depicted in classical myth as a naked bearded man hefting the sphere of the heavens or zodiac on his shoulders because he was the founder of astronomy and astrology an early scientific way to know the skies and our human qualities. The city was built with an immense target of concentric circles two rings of land and 3 rings of sea with an island at the center with many temples for different gods and many gardens and areas for exercise …some for men and some for horses Bridges spanned the trio of great moats to connect with the central island. AT THE CENTER WAS A WALL OF GOLD SURROUNDING THE LOCATION OF WHERE LONG AGO POSEIDON GOD OF THE SEA HAD LAY WITH A MORTAL WOMAN TO ENGENDER THE RULING LINEAGE OF ATLANTIS. The architecture and statues were made of ivory gold silver and high grade cooper…(sounds like the opulence of Ancient Egypt. At the zenith of its fortunes Atlantis was the world’s superpower…it had a large infantry and navy…Over 6 million people were believed to live in the city.
Sheryl goes on to share a story “Years ago when Sheryl was taking an energy healing class in San Francisco with an Australian teacher of transcendental meditation and Seraphin Healing…Ruth Rendeley lead the group into a deep meditation and Sheryl suddenly felt herself moving under the water to a large island with building or wall of gold and immense proportions and thought to herself,” How am I swimming under the water without breathing apparatus.” She later realized it was an out of body experience and it was her soul energy doing that amazing feat. When the meditation ended Sheryl told the man next to me what had just transpired. The man told her that in a pyramid in Peru..he had experienced the same activity and he knew the city was Atlantis…Perhaps those are deep rooted memoires that are part of the evolution of humanity and at certain moments we glimpse a view of the past and the beauty of our physical and spiritual worlds.
Sheryl tells Frank that she found the article Secret Societal Circa 10,000BCE by Robert M Schoch, very synchronistic in detail to Sheryl’s beginning interest in intuitive healers mediums and groups that studied past techniques and methods to higher consciousness. Exposed the the mystical and historical information she received since her beginning search into questions about Who Are We? Why a Physical Life? and How have others throughout the ages searched for the miraculous story of creation and evolution?
The article goes on to discuss the two reasons for forming and maintaining secret societies…to initially guard sacred Knowledge but ultimately takes the form of a secret conspiracy that aggrandizes through power wealth and status the members for at least the top hierarch of the society….This article also focuses on knowledge based secret societies which in past centuries shared genuine secrets and valuable knowledge passed on to limited numbers of people who in some cases had to undergo strenuous mental and physical ordeals before being admitted to the inner circle
Robert wrote “ In ancient civilizations a class of initiates had precise knowledge of harmonic laws They knew how to manipulate them to create the precise effect they wanted. And they wrote this knowledge into architecture, art, music, paintings, rituals and incenses producing Gothic cathedrals, vast Hindu temples all the marvels of Egypt and many other sacred ancient works that even today in ruins, produce a powerful effect upon us.
Sheryl Says: “Were they simply downloading the inspiration of higher beings and cultures of other worlds or Universal Source..what does it matter… We are part of a greater Whole and subject to help from many sources it seems.”
In the same chapter, Robert ponders the material by remarkable philosopher teacher mystic and seeker GI Gurdjieff who lived from 1866 to 1949 and his student Ouspensky who wrote In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of Unknown Teaching.
Sheryl Says, “ Years ago she belonged to a group in search of universal knowledge and wisdom of the ages and read and discussed ideas of these two advanced thinkers…The group was named The Academy of European Art and Culture and was a group where meditation and a way to develop spiritual awareness and soul possibilities was emphasized. Sheryl read some of Gurdjieffs ideas then.”
The core of Gurdjieff’s teachings is that most people most of the time are asleep—hypnotically following the rules of everyday life and what society expects of them—but through inner work it is possible to transcend this mechanical robotic physical state attaining a higher consciousness and fuller potential (The All and Everything) including an inherently meaningful universe and humanity’s place and necessary function within that universe.
According to Gurdjieff, one of the most important tasks each person has during their physical lifetime here on Earth is the development of the soul…He goes on to say An eternal soul is not a birthright: rather an integrated soul that can withstand the force and shock of death and this must be developed by a process known as crystallization …a certain fusion of man’s inner qualities with a certain independence of external influences. The continuation of life in the astral body or energy body or existence on the other side is obtained by fusion or terribly hard inner work and struggle. If this astral body is formed it may continue to live after the death of the physical body and may be born again in another physical body…this is Reincarnation.The concept of crystallization is a theme found in later ancient and indigenous traditions around the world including shamanic traditions and the ancient Egyptian concepts of numerous psychic bodies or aspects of the human that can be kept in order to ensure a continued existence beyond the earthly physical existence.
Gurdjieff was convinced that there really was a certain something that people formerly knew but that now this knowledge was quite forgotten (Could be considered wisdom of the soul or collective consciousness that some refer to as Déjà vu Coincidences or Synchronicity.
Many ancient cultures spoke of and wrote of visitors that gave them knowledge and helped shape societies. Who were these visitors and where did they come from We may now know that many ancient cultures had advanced knowledge of science agriculture and astronomy only some of which has been rediscovered in the last 100 years. Lost Secrets of the Gods asks fascinating questions that traditional historians have long ignored and reveals some startling truths.
In another article in Lost Secrets of the Gods, Jim Marrs writes.. “Throughout history the two most prominent methods for controlling the human population have been religion and finance. Early humans seeing the beauty and symmetry in nature instinctively knew that some guiding force lay behind the order of life and so they developed a reverence for spiritual matters. Over time however and with advances in scientific knowledge,… the material trappings and theologies of the various religions should have fallen away but they haven’t… Today most of the world’s population continues to follow one religion or another leading to conflicts wars and genocide while most large religions are intertwined with the acquisition of money. When did finance become so enmeshed in religion. One possibility is that religion may be based on a reality that has been lost today. According to accounts in the Old Testament Sumerian tablets and the Greek and later Romans there was a time when Humans experienced face to face encounters with their gods. Virtually every ancient culture on this world told of legends of gods who came from the sky and taught them the fundamentals of civilization—language mathematics astronomy chemistry law architecture and finance. Today a growing number of researchers is taking the concept of ancient astronauts, the idea that non-humans visited the Earth millennia ago more seriously.” That thought pretty well captures the need to give serious thought to a world of possibilities beyond our ordinary thinking.
Sheryl and Frank think that it may be time to remember the simpler past where higher virtues were honored and respected and we created beautiful places like Atlantis Egypt Greece and Rome and honored the higher soul essence of life connected to a Higher Force… Whether angels or ancient Astronauts or God worked with this human population it was always in a way to support the best of our human and divine qualities and we must begin to see how cooperation and refinement of our thinking is a way to heal ourselves and the world community . Perhaps it is time to “look within” to rediscover the magnificence that came from above…..