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The Roots of Health – End Myopia with Jake Steiner

I was first prescribed glasses in 3rd grade. They were giant lenses with enough real estate to adorn with stickers. That was close to ~32 years ago, and my prescription has progressively gotten stronger ever since. Up until recently – I thought the only option that I had to correct my vision was corrective lenses – or lasik surgery.

That is, until I found my guest, Jake Steiner. Jake is on a mission to not only make you aware that your eyes are not broken, but to teach you how to reduce and eventually eliminate your dependence on corrective lenses.

Jake and I discuss what IS broken (if it’s not our eyes), how your eye is actually designed to function (like a camera), why did I need my first prescription (teaser: I didn’t – you probably didn’t either), what exactly is myopia? (click here for some visual aids), how can you influence your own vision, we talk a lot about your focusing muscle – the ciliary muscle and how it can be ‘stuck’, how your corrective lenses make your vision worse over time, we chat about nutrition and eyesight, and about ‘eye yoga hippies’. Did you know that your corrective lenses are making your eyeball longer? – Yes. We chat about how your trip to the optometrist stacks the deck against you, about the history of corrective lenses, how you can measure your own ‘prescription’, and a warning about monkeying with your own vision without knowing exactly what you are doing  – because ultimately, you’re monkeying with your brain health.

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