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Being Well

Julie Stiles

Being Well – Reclaiming the Essential Liveliness of the Body

In the modern world, many people live in a way that is disconnected from the body, treating the body as a vehicle to move the head, thinking of it only when it doesn’t feel as expected, and taking it to the gym to get fit or the doctor to get fixed. Yet, as today’s guest, somatic coach Jamie McHugh says, movement is life. When we disassociate from the body, we lose contact with an essential liveliness that is our birthright as a being in a body.

Reintegrating our body into our daily life allows us to emerge from the stress response and be in contact with ourselves, moves us in the direction of greater responsiveness, and puts us in touch with the information available from the body. Learn simple, easy, and effective ways to bring mindfulness of your body back into your daily life, honoring it with kindness, generosity, and love.

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