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Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication

Ivonne van Eeten

Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication – Finding Our Own Story. Making Sense of Storytelling in the Context of the Everyday Life.

Our discussion today is all about storytelling and the way it relates to our day to day life. We are constantly telling the stories of our lives at work, with friends. We even tend to share stories with complete strangers on the bus or at network meetings. How do we show up in the world? What’s our story? What story do we tell others?

Today we are going to talk about storytelling to Kristel Zegers who studies storytelling.

Kristel is a lecturer and researcher in leisure management at NHTV: Breda University of Applied Sciences. Currently she is working on her PhD research that deals with storytelling and innovation networks. You can find her on linked in and twitter.