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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Humans in a Future Science World

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Elliot Maynard
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of her newest book The Living Sprit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, welcomes Dr. Elliot Maynard, author of Brave New Mind and Founder and President of Arcos Cielos Foundation in Sedona, Arizona who is also active with the World Future Society, The Aerospace Technology Working Group and the London based Humanitad International. Maynard will present a quantum-field science for the future: a new consciousness operating system for humans and the environment and will reveal how anyone can access the quantum field of information to enrich their lives and expand their consciousness. In addition to his work Elliott enjoys artistic pursuits as a sculptor musician and underwater photographer and documentary filmmaker. Elliot appears to Sheryl to be what Leonardo Da Vinci described as a Vitruyian man a balanced man of distinction. Hopefully future man will develop their spiritual and physical talents and incorporate the beauty of the past artistic endeavors with the scientific and spiritual wonders for modern man.
When young Dr. Maynard was interested in skiing and reading his favorite books about pirates and sci-fi which included Jules Verne classics as well as Tom Swift stories. HIs family owned a camp built by his grandfather who was a 32nd degree Mason. The seeds of tradition and honorable pursuits for serving others was well installed within Elliott at an early age. Elliot’s close friend Tony drowned in high school and Elliott was unable to save him. Despite some deeply painful episodes, Elliot never gave up and did realize many of his childhood visions and dreams…he trained diligently and in grammar school when asked what he would most like to do in the world…he wrote he would like to leave some kind of mark in the world and would also like to meet the first alien to visit Earth.
Dr. Maynard’s book, Brave New Mind speaks of the future man that humanity is evolving into. Traditional futurists project linear trends into the present and future, however the new and unique breed of futurist is now emerging and these pioneering researchers work within the context of quantum consciousness with the goal of accelerating positive global transformation. These change masters have the ability to select and empower the most practical and positive probabilities. New guidelines are both flexible and evolvable for creative energies to enrich mental and spiritual growth finding solutions for world problems. An example for creating win-win back more than you take….leaving a place nicer than you found it…focus on intent on such positive matrixes and can serve to create a bright future scenario for the global biosphere and future generations.
Dr. Maynard speaks of a shift from a linear mode to one that is non-linear (quantum). Future Science Technology is the quantum field science for a Master Plan for humans and earth involving 25 keys with each key representing a different approach for creating connections between left-brained logical thinking and right-brained intuitive thinking…logical left brained perspective has dominated western thinking since the invention of the Gutenberg Press…scientific paradigms are based on hard facts generated from a logical thinking approach…this linear approach dominates most of our scientific, governmental and military operations. In contrast right brained approaches to science medicine and the arts have been essential elements of Native American and Eastern philosophies for thousands of years. We simply need to open our mind or consciousness to the possibilities of becoming inter-dimensional and to access the quantum field. We can do this at will. Physicists sometimes refer to this quantum informational field as the whisper it contains an infinite sea of data.
Sheryl Says, “Many years ago as I worked mainly in logical linear approach to understanding human relations and our physical world often shutting down my intuitive active right mind non linear means for accessing the Universe and this quantum field which I so easily used as a child…I became aware once again of coincidences and synchronicity and my intuition began to work overtime…I became aware that psychics and mediums were receiving accurate information for people and began to study how this communication was happening. After receiving Reiki Energy Healing Training whatever resistance remained in me was gone and I could feel the shifts in energy and though patterns and began to receive information for my clients. Twenty years later when trying to share how everyone can connect to this Infinite source of Wisdom and Eternal knowledge I was writing a new book and for a long time..I thought the title would be Whispers From Spirit…Communication with Infinite Intelligence and Universal Source. My publisher felt we needed to change the title to The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love.”
Sheryl goes on to say “Years ago at a convention in Phoenix Arizona where people who were studying higher consciousness and the Universal Laws of Energy represented by leaders in the fields of medicine science spirituality alternative healing modalities music art and education I attended a workshop where we were asked to meditate and find the location of an object being taken by two people leaving the auditorium ….we were to tap into that non-local field of information or higher consciousness to visualize clues using our inner vision or insights and our intuition to gather information. As a Reiki Master energy healer I was developing skills as a medium to retrieve helpful information for my clients but had not thought of it in terms of a non-local field of energy of information. That day during the training exercise while in meditation I saw a circular driveway in front of a large meeting place with a wooden plaque above the entrance and a bench at the doorway. Upon looking within the building I saw a round auditorium with many seats and had the feeling that it was a religious meeting place… I wrote this all down. When the people returned and we read our descriptions we found that they had indeed selected a local church and they said I described it quite accurately. I didn’t get the name of the place but people in the area would have been able to know the location by the description.”
To use this field of non-local information for healing we must understand that our DNA is essentially structured water that can be influenced by our thoughts and feelings. According to quantum field entanglement theory all parts of the whole are in all places at all time. If we tune into these same frequencies which are based on sacred geometry and solfeggio frequencies we can tap into a version of ourselves that was healed in a different place or time. Vibrational frequency is the essence of consciousness technology and yogis and ascended masters are in tune with this energy field. Prayer, meditation and relaxation can help us tune into higher dimensions when our body is in the right state of mind. From a Future science perspective Buddhist prayer wheels and computer hard drives may be able to help with this major shift.
The methodology for this new paradigm thinking has existed for decades but has been pushed aside by establishment scientists and corporate entities whose main interest has been to maintain the bottom line at all costs rather than to accept the challenges and responsibilities of actively moving into the future. This new Future Science perspective when embraced and integrated into mainstream consciousness will cause resistance from previously established forces to melt away…Global society must make a profound shift from its typical dysfunctional fear/ego-based mindsets (Kill or be killed, me first, environmental plundering and over consumption) into a new mindset which incorporates self-respect, self-responsibility, self-motivation and concern for the welfare of others) This also includes a heightened sense of awareness respect and nurturing of our planetary resources. Within a new framework of synergistic support and international cooperation, egocentric barriers will more easily dissolve and the defensive attitudes of fear and insecurity, which have dominated human society can be left behind.
Dr. Maynard describes Supersensonics. Supersensonics is the science of the development enhancement and practical applications of our extra sensory capabilities through simple meditation, yoga and biofeedback programs. This concept was developed by Dr. Christopher Hills..These supersonic senses function so predominately in non-human species that they are fundamental to their basic survival and daily lives…ex. homing instincts of pigeons, dogs and cats, migrations of fishes whales sea turtles and birds and uncanny accuracy of insects in locating their mates which far surpass our physical senses. Supersensonics operate in a non-linear quantum modality and provides a means to break through the restrictions imposed by our conventional scientific, educational and technological institutions. Prior to modern civilization primitive man’s supersensonic abilities functioned as an extension of his physical senses and were key factors in maneuvering the world for survival and evolution. Dowsing pendulums and L rods are tools that give children a simple way to connect their intuitive fields to quantum informational field and seek answers to questions..reinforcing natural psychic abilities.
Many naturopathic physicians and doctors use another form of dowsing in their diagnosis which they call muscle testing or kinesiology…the arm is extended and a question is asked..while attempting to push the patient’s arm down to determine the amount of muscle resistance.
Dr. Maynard mentions some of the 25 Master Keys for understanding the connection to the non-local dimension.
Master Key 1 for evolving Human Potential:
Your higher self is a collective body of energy vastness ageless..everything you have ever been stretching back to the edge of infinity. Within it is all the knowledge that you will ever need and through it as well as of the unseen dimensions that lie close at hand. Your higher self is sustained by an intrinsic energy that is even bigger than itself…This sustaining energy we will call The Force or The Living Spirit (Stuart Wilde l984 The Force)
According to Dr Eva Karjalainen , many people feel relaxed and good when out in nature..and forests and other natural settings can reduce stress anger and aggressiveness and increase a person’s sense of happiness and well being…studies have shown the natural world can strengthen the immune system and the number of natural cancer killer cells…people when in natural settings recover from stress situations faster than those in urban environments. Many drugs for these stress related conditions are derived from tree bark including Taxol and Xylitol a sweetener for tooth decay.
Master Key 3 Future Science Education New Learning system:
Education should unfold full creativity and higher states of consciousness to produce citizens capable of fulfilling their highest aspirations while contributing maximally to the progress of society By harnessing the nation’s greatest resource—the unlimited creativity of its citizens effective education can ensure national prosperity, international competiveness and leadership role in the family of nations..
John Hagelin 1998 Manual for a Perfect Government
The Arcos Cielos University of the Future Project is a new paradigm a life-relevant educational system. This new operating system provides a set of tools for integrating the art of teaching with the art of learning into all levels of education…The concept combines sets of opposites which generate synergistic effects when combined with conventional educational programs. Examples include ancient and modern worldviews, traditional and alternative medicine, eastern and western philosophies and physical and multi-dimensional realities. When these opposites come together a third new energy field is formed which combines the best qualities of opposites and thus has the potential to create new solutions for problems common to both opposing mindsets.
Other aspects for more esoteric aspects of the University of the Future could include conscious food preparation proper eating habits advanced nutritional education sports and recreational skill development yoga martial arts Para physical Fitness…other aspects of this holistic educational program could include a balanced set of life management skills which include proper manners, appropriate social dress and demeanor time management financial management reproductive responsibility and parenting skills.
Future science art is a transformative new paradigm for creative artistic expression integrating ancient and modern worldviews the blending of subtle energies opening a doorway for inspiration from the higher realms..any artist can develop a working relationship with the universal quantum field and this art can thus become an aware intelligence and through the media networks serve as consciousness amplifiers which can assist in planting seeds in the hearts and minds of others. Much like we are hoping to do in today’s show by creating a vibration of love and compassion inspired by these thoughts of past and present visionaries to allow change to begin at all levels of our institutions and national and global levels to raise up our awareness of a divine state of possibilities for future realities.
Sheryl and Elliot have talked about enlightened pathways into the future and a distinctive system which inspires the development of a Brave New Mind of Future Man, Homo Novus living in a Future-Science World. Dr. Maynard, as is Sheryl are convinced that integrating traditional linear science with non-linear consciousness technology will bring about new breakthrough solutions for the global problems we face on Earth. Of course as we know from the rapid advances in technology over the last 20 years all tools while they offer advancements also create problems if not properly accepting responsibility for dealing with the many changes ahead and any detractors and unintended consequences will always have to be addressed… Upgrading our mind to the mind of modern global man with a planetary or multi-dimensional view of the Universe and learning to work with the quantum information and energy fields will shift us from a reactive revolutionary mindset into an interactive re-evolutionary mindset where cooperation and healing will become the vehicle for positive change and excessive materialism ego based behaviors and competitive actions will be brought back into a workable reality and become not a force for separation but a way for us to achieve greater well being compassion and love in an open and more functional world community.
Sheryl says in her new book “In The Living Spirit” she has as has Dr. Maynard shared a way that we may now understand ourselves as both energetic or soul beings and also physical entities capable of insightful and advanced ways to evolve and that multi-dimensional healing depends on knowing that one undeniable fact and learning then to tap into the Universal Source or higher dimensions….Sheryl wrote…’There are several types of energy healing. Some, like Reiki and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years: others have been developed more recently. Their methods may differ as well as certain aspects of their ideologies but they all operate on one basic premise: there is more to us than our physical bodies. Energy sessions focus instead on the life force or “qi” that flows within all living things, the goal being to release, dissolve, or transmute negative feelings that block this force and cause imbalance and illness in the body. All of these methods have benefits from improving or healing the physical body to clearing past painful memories and negative thought patterns.”
Dr. Maynard and Sheryl would have you discover the joy that can be felt when you allow and accept and surrender to your own magnificent inner soul Being and function from the most natural state of inspiration creation and focus always moving forward past limitations and false conditions to create the world of future and wonderful possibilities.