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Rock Splitting Politics – Does Putin’s End Game Include a New Ottoman Empire?

Doc Holliday asks the question that no other expert is willing to ask?  What is Putin’s endgame and does that include a new Ottoman Empire under the jurisdiction of a modern day Czar by the name of Putin?  Putin is too smart to claim to be a ruler over an Islamist Caliphate, but what if he destroys ISIS, mocks the United States, and pulls all players in the region to his side like a magnet.  There is a key player that could unlock disaster for NATO and piece the puzzle together for Putin.  What does Russia in Syria mean to Israel?  Many tough questions are being asked, but Doc does not hold back about the implications for this president and whoever follows as the next Commander-in-Chief!  Doc also speaks about Hillary Clinton’s troubles and denounces the racist slur thrown at Ben Carson by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  Doc keeps his shows hitting at the cutting edge of politics and this one reaches where no one else dares to go.  Click on and listen now!