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Conversations About Divorce

Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Survive The Grief From Your Divorce

The end of a marriage involves many losses: the loss of your spouse, your marriage, the dreams of growing old together, your idea of family. It could even mean a radical change in lifestyle and the loss of friends.
Even with all these losses, the pain of divorce is often not recognized as grief and as a culture we are not skilled at allowing people going through divorce time to grieve. In the midst of this emotional trauma we expect people to make life-changing decisions, to navigate the brutalities of the legal system and to get over it and move on.
Trauma specialist and grief guide, Georgena Eggleston says that by not allowing ourselves to mindfully grieve we risk far greater harm to our health, both physically and emotionally.
Join Mandy and Georgena in this episode of Conversations About Divorce to learn what you can to do survive the grief from your divorce and even, how you can discover the gifts in your grief.
Georgena is the author of A New Mourning: Discovering The Gifts in Grief, available on her website, You can also read Georgena’s 10 Tools To Move Beyond Your Grief To Radiant Living here.
Accepting the help and support of others is essential to mindful grieving. One way that helps is hearing how others have coped. Mandy’s blog, Since My Divorce is home to a vast collection of stories of survival, hope and growth. Please visit and browse. Follow Mandy on twitter as @SinceMyDivorce and on Facebook.