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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Feminine Rejuvenation Explained – What Is It & Why Women Need It: Dr Lycka & Dr Katz

Feminine rejuvenation is a term that you may not have heard before… so what is it? Due to a variety of reasons such as pregnancy & childbirth, getting older or menopause, many women develop problems with their vagina and other internal soft tissues, as well as developing stress incontinence which is an embarrassing nightmare! But at last there is a great solution – known as the FemiLift™ – it is a simple, painless, laser skin tightening procedure which not only tightens vaginal soft tissue and stimulates collagen production but also increases lubrication. Our popular repeat guest this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is Dr Bruce Katz, Board Certified Dermatologist, from New York City, and an early adopter of this exciting new technology. Dr Katz shares his knowledge with your host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, when they talk about feminine rejuvenation. The two doctors also discuss another new procedure for hand rejuvenation using Radiesse, which Dr Katz has been running a study about and he has been very pleased with the results. So that’s TWO, new, painless, effective procedures for two problems that have been previously difficult to treat.

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