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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Making Marriage Work by Resolving Conflict: 20 Years of Solutions on My 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Let’s face it: marriage isn’t easy. In fact, research shows the one thing couples who “make it” have in common is this: they know how to resolve conflict. Stress, disagreements, arguments, and even fights are part of every marriage, even “healthy” marriages. The difference is that couples who last also have the skills necessary to not only overcome conflict, but to build the positive side of the relationship and find ways to flourish, together!
In honor of my 20th wedding anniversary, which happens to be today, my special guest is my fabulous husband, OJ Hibbert. We’ve certainly been through our ups and downs, and we’ve learned some helpful tools along the way. Join us as we share the research, the strategies, the secrets, and the “truth” about resolving conflict for a marriage that lasts. One of my favorite episodes yet (for obvious reasons), this is one not to miss! So, grab your husband or partner and get ready to laugh and learn together as we share 20 years of solutions for making marriage work! Then, be sure to visit my website for more tools to make marriage work, including my special post, “Making Marriage Work: 20 Years of Advice on our 20th Wedding Anniversary”.