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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – Parent-teacher Conferences, Applying to College, and Prepping for College Midterms

AN ENCORE! It’s that time of year. Dr. Bob wants to remind you his books can help parents and students with all these events above. In this program. Don’t miss the special offer below!

College Smart® middle school through college  Give your student a college success formula. If you’ve been listening to our programs, you know that the majority of today’s college students aren’t doing well, don’t know what’s wrong, or how to fix it. This includes the very smart students who’ve never experienced problems before. Give your child this is a step by step guide to success. The results are far-reaching. He/she will know what it takes to be among the 1 out of 3 to earn a degree on time.

College Smart® Practical Tips for Parents — An easy read, Dr. Bob talks directly to you. Parents play an important role, no matter the age of their child. And while parents want to help, the questions arise: “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” This book has very specific answers. Here’s your roadmap. Plus, busy parents can read this book one chapter at a time. These are simple things you already know how to do, like using storytelling. Valuable for students in middle and high school, and even in college. You’ll play a significant role in your child’s growth and success.

Start College Smart® Aimed at high school students on their way to college and students who are just starting college, the book gets students started off on the right foot from day one. And a bad start can turn everything upside down. Low grades, dropped courses, extreme stress. Did you know? 25% of freshmen leave college. Bad news. College is all about big changes. Positive ones. Learn how to cope.

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