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The Roots of Health – Less Sugar, More Life with Veronica Chavez

Parents, you may have kids at home, and you may recognize a connection between what your child eats, and how they behave. Last week, I did a show about sugar, about all of the names for sugar on a label, about artificial sugars and what they might do to us, about how swapping refined sugar for natural sugars can be an easy way to wean off of sugar… but there was something missing… the potential link between sugar and behavior.

I’ve recently met a woman named Veronica Chavez who has an inspiring story to tell about awareness, and putting into place a few simple measures, and weaning her child off of a prescription medication, allowing him to live again, undulled by the medicine that he was required to take.

Veronica’s son was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder), we chat about the symptoms that led to this diagnosis and medication that he was ultimately prescribed.  We talk about what the medication did to him, from the school’s perspective, from her perspective, and from his perspective.  I quote from webmd about ‘busting the sugar-hyperactivity myth’, about how there remains no scientific link between sugar consumption and behavior, (I’ve met so many parents that beg to differ).  Veronica continues her story with her tipping point, her awareness around the role of sugar in our health (she saw the documentary “Fed Up”, available to view on Netflix.), we learn her strategy to reduce her son’s sugar consumption and how it effected his behavior… spoiler alert: he no longer needs his medication.

Finally, because it’s nearly Halloween, we chat about what we can do to reduce the sugar that we release into the world… and into our kids…

Despite the lack of scientific consensus, consider the idea that the amount of sugar that your child consumes on a daily basis may just have an impact on their behavior. You’ll never know until you try.

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