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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Practical Skin Care & Sun Protection: Dr Lycka & Dr Bucay

Skin care is essential for maintaining skin health and wellness – but why should we care about skin care? Isn’t it all rather complicated? Well did you realize that skin health is an essential part of your general health and particularly your immune system? Our skin contributes to our health in many ways, and this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today we welcome Dr Vivian Bucay, Board Certified Dermatologist, from San Antonia, Texas, to share her passion for skin care with you. Dr Bucay shares practical skin care advice along with your host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, when they talk about looking after your skin, the importance of sun protection, and the increasing levels of skin cancer.  Dr Bucay highlights the skin care essentials a good skin regimen must have and why they are important to the skin as it’s her firm belief that if we understand something we are much more likely to do it…

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