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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – “Why am I Frustrated & Yelling at the Kids When I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t?”

We’ve all been there—pushed to the edge of sanity by parenthood, growing in frustration, and saying things we keep promising ourselves we won’t say again! Why is it so challenging to keep our calm as moms and dads? Today’s guest, Dr. Rosina McAlpine, tells us why and offers valuable, practical insights for how we can change, for how we can keep that promise to be a calmer, less frustrated parent. Dr. McAlpine is the creator of the Win-Win Parenting program, which we’ll share in my “Dr. Christi’s Simple Solutions” segment. She’s also a fellow host here on WebTalkRadio, and boy do we have some amazing discussions when we get together! Do yourself, and your kids, a favor, and take some time to listen to today’s show. It just might be the one thing you need to finally overcome the frustration! Then, check out my post, “My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy (Again!): Why Parenting is so Darn Tough,” for more tools and strategies!