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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – Learning is like a layer-cake on KL Street

Ask your children if they know how to learn. Mostly likely, they’ll look at you like you had just asked a really dumb question. Their answer would be, “Of course I do.  I’ve been learning since kindergarten.”

Hmmmm…Now ask them HOW they learn. They may say they do their homework; go to class; study for tests.

Is that a good answer?  Listen to our program. You be the judge. It’s the answer that explains —

  • why only 1 out of 3 college students graduate in 4 years.
  • why students are spending 5, 6, and 7+ years in college.

Find out why learning is a layer cake, and what’s happening on KL Street.