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The Janet Love Show – 900 Voices- Love’s Empowering Song Movement with Grammy Winner Laura Sullivan

How many people can say in their lifetime that they ignited and spreading love’s intent to unite humanity and bring about a revolution in awareness?  Well for Laura Sullivan such a feat was accomplished through her inspired 900 Voices song. Rather than keep the song to herself she opened it up to people around the world to contribute their voice, talent and inspired performance to the songs message and what came out of Laura’s creative inspiration is magical.
The word went out via social media to people everywhere around the world and the response to the invitation was incredible with 938 individuals, couples, kids, choirs, opera singers, adults, rappers and families in 27 languages returning their video rendition of  “We are Love” to Laura.  Laura’s husband, Eric Sullivan a Grammy® winner, whose artistic talents knew exactly how to craft the videos in just the right way to bring 938 voices together as “one”.
Laura Sullivan is a Grammy® winning composer and recording artist. Her original music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies.
Laura’s recordings consistently receive more than 4 million spins a month on Pandora alone, among many other stations around the world, resulting in broad international airplay. Her albums have charged in the top 2 on The Zone reporter, the internationally recognized New Age and ambient radio chart.
Her music publications are represented by Performing Rights organization BMI which holds more than 500 of her original compositions in her prolific Composer/Songwriter catalog. Laura is the composer, arranger and visionary for the epic crowd sourcing video, 900 Voices, produced by herself and her Grammy® winning husband, Eric Sullivan. 900 Voices involves the singing participation of 938 people around the world in 27 languages all in 1 empowering song- singing a message of unity and love for all humanity!