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Dr. Rosina McAlpine

Win Win Parenting – Prenatal or Postpartum Depression: Overcoming Mental Health Issues through Exercise

Are you or someone you know experiencing a mental health issue? Did it begin before or after the birth of a child? According to Postpartum Support International, approximately 10% of women experience depression during pregnancy, another 15% experience postpartum (postnatal) depression, and an estimated 10% of fathers experience postpartum depression.

Trying to manage raising a family, take care of your home and maybe even working in or on a business can be a huge challenge, then add depression to the mix and it can feel insurmountable. So what can mums and das do?

Today, I interview Dr Christina Hibbert, clinical psychologist, speaker, founder of the AZ Postpartum Wellness Coalition, an author of a new book “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise.” She also hosts her own webtalk radio show called Motherhood. Make sure you take a look she has fabulous episodes on all things related to being a mum.

Dr Hibbert not only has a professional understanding of postpartum depression, but has experienced it and overcome it herself.  Join Dr Rosina, entertaining and educational parenting expert as she interviews Dr Christina Hibbert, to gain many ideas, tips and resources to be able to overcome mental health challenges through exercise! This show is filled with down to earth practical tips that work.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. What is prenatal or postpartum depression? Why does it happen?
  2. What signs to look for in yourself or your family and friends.
  3. Why mental health issues often go untreated.
  4. How exercise can be used as a valid treatment option.
  5. Practical tools to get fit physically and mentally!

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