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The Janet Love Show – The Power of Relationship Communication with Relationship Coach Daniel Amis!

Daniel Amis is known as The Personal Relationship Trainer that works with individuals, companies, and couples on getting their relationships in better shape. Daniel is also a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified, Professional Matchmaker.

He has worked with many individuals over the years to create and get into the type of relationship they prefer and deserve. Daniel Amis offers many years of relationship advising- as well as live tele-classes and phone coaching.

Daniel is offering a Free 30 Minute Initial Consult to listeners. Just tell Daniel that you heard him on The Janet Love Show to receive this free relationship consultation.  Daniel has written two free e books “What Women Want Men to Know” “What Men Want Women to Know”, let Daniel know you are interested in receiving his books free! You can contact Daniel atdaniel@danielamis.com.