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Healing From Within – The Afterlife Exists

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, Energy Healer/Medium and author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Roberta Grimes author of The Fun of Staying In Touch..How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them. Roberta, an attorney and afterlife expert will share her experiences and bring her passion for this subject and 40 years of scholarly in depth study to help you alleviate worrying about dying or the loss of a loved one. Robert will share what she calls “experiences of light” in childhood and her views on quantum physics as she shows us her view of what she believes comes next. Once the elements of fear darkness and superstition are put aside we can focus on understanding that the transition of consciousness after physical death can be an amazing process.

Roberta mentions experiences of light seem to be visits from our spirit guides who often work behind the scenes offering subconscious coaching and help us through evaluating and benefiting from synchronicities coincidences and also simply plant ideas in our minds or assistance to get a better perspective on events in our lives. “One morning Roberta woke up in 1955 and thought there was no God and was filled with despair..Suddenly there was a flash of light in the room and she heard…You wouldn’t know what it is to have me unless you knew what it is to be without me. I will never leave you again… At 20 years old when in doubt and glum, again it happened..and many years down the road when my father had a stroke the same thing happened to my mother- BUT- I had never told her of my experiences.”

Sheryl tells her story and beginning awareness of this spiritual dimension: “Brought up in a scientifically and practically oriented family mindset it was not in my familial belief system to concern myself with the spiritual aspect of life. However, over 20 years ago when I was very sick with the flu I had what I thought was a dream where my grandfather who had died long ago appeared and told me to write something for my father. The next day I had a call from my mom who told me my Dad had passed. I proceeded to write his eulogy. Some years later after many coincidences and the inability to forget that dream, a realization that perhaps something of our “being” survived physical death began to take hold.I wrote my first book Life Is No Coincidence The Life and Afterlife Connection to document my growing awareness and awakening to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical life. My next book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love written eight years later was written to share proof through my energy healing work and readings that I now do as a medium receiving information from higher intuition or spiritual connections to Universal Energy and that non-local dimension of information. The messages are accurate and guiding my clients and myself to find out more about the dual nature of soul and physical life experiences.”

Roberta says some of the most common signs from the dead are physical manifestations. Stuff shows up, some may be what are called apports-small objects dematerialized at another time and place and rematerialized where we are now. Spirit can work with energy and manifest and manipulate physical objects. You may often verify these signs through meeting with a medium. One of the small objects that the dead give us are coins— pennies mostly. They may show up repeatedly and even in clusters and may bear the date of a birth or death or wedding year. Feathers are another object that may be used by souls …insects such as dragonflies and butterflies may be around you more and can even appear out of season. There is a category of signs from the dead that can blow some people’s minds..1. Impressions on the bed 2 Physical Mischief like pictures being crooked repeatedly or objects that fall by themselves off tables 3 Natural Events like a breeze on our cheek or the sun breaking through the cloud at an ideal moment…Sheryl’s dad’s funeral it was dark and cold and she was sad to bury her father in the cold ground and all of a sudden the bright warm sun peeked out from behind the clouds and warmed her heart.

Sheryl Says “As a medium I experience all of these signs and interpret them to be part of the way Spirit communicates with us…as they are at a higher vibratory level they can lower their vibration to give us messages. But you can also ask a loved one before they pass to get you a specific message..before my Mom passed I asked her what her message would be She said 3 doves…I receive this message regularly and sometimes dramatically. After Twin Towers I was so sad and crying a great deal.. In the New York Times and my mother loved that paper..I saw an article with 2 families mourning the loss of their loved ones a police officer and a fireman and in the picture were 3 doves in front of the family captured in the photo..”
Other signs from loved ones in Spirit include manipulation of electrical items scents, sounds and songs. In talking today about the many messages and post death signs that we are all receiving Roberta wrote “Post death signs are so varied and so universal that it isn’t much of a stretch to surmise that nearly everyone who has completed the transition to the afterlife levels leaving loved ones behind will attempt to deliver a sign.”

Roberta tells us the story that Gary E. Schwartz relates in the foreword of her book. Gary first met Susy Smith when she was 85 years old and before she crossed over. She told him she had developed the capacity to communicate with her deceased mother Elizabeth and that the communication had continued for about 40 years. Susy had also developed a close professional and personal relationship with Professor William James MD of Harvard University who was a recognized scholar in experimental psychology including pioneer research on life after death communications. Susy had written 2 books in collaboration with what she claimed was Professor James’s spirit. As a academic scientist Dr, Schwart couldn’t take Susy claims at face value but he was intrigued and began to believe it was true. He conducted controlled research with her and with a number of mediums that provided overwhelming evidence that the mediums were indeed in contact with the souls or energy intelligence of the dead which she revealed in her 2002 book “The Afterlife Experiments.”

Sheryl says; “ Over the course of interviews on “Healing From Within” I often have coincidences and overlapping stories with the guests on my show and we have one today. In 2000 I was guided to an event in Barbados where John Edward a long Island based medium and International Medium Robert Brown and several other mediums were hosting their “First Spiritual and Psychic Development Workshop”…I was there after experiencing a visit from my departed grandfather and being told to write something for my father. The next day my father died and I wrote his eulogy. I was determined to know how spiritual communication was even possible never believing in life after death. That week at the convention I met Gary Schwartz who discussed his scientific research into spiritual communication. I was delighted to have scientific support as it was now my goal and greatest desire to provide the world with the greatest truth ever known to man.”Consciousness survives physical death: we are not merely our bodies and there is no death.”

Roberta goes on to speak of the afterlife. There are reasons why the dead have had so much difficulty making their presence known. Some of which has to do with the nature of reality and some of which has to do with human nature. We are reaching a time when the leaders of mainstream science and mainstream Christianity will have to work together to see the truth or the bigger picture that we are eternal beings and where we live is only one part of the reality of total life. The afterlife is right around us as the energy of our loved ones exists alongside our own reality.
Quantum physics is related to the physics of the afterlife. A quote by Max Planck, winner of the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics reads, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”
Mind Is All That Exists. Max Corradi, author of the Seven Laws of Reality of Being a recent guest on “Healing From Within” suggests that we are of the same nature or Mind of Universal Creation and not separate from it. Our mind is therefore part of God or as some people call it Universal Source of Creation- a reality and matter is derived from the living mind or Self-Awareness. The dead live with expanded and more powerful minds and can see the larger picture of reality. The mind is not generated by your brain which is merely the physical part of matter to deal with the physical life processes…example Jake in Avatar and his brain is moved from his physical body to the alien Avatar body which activates his ability to function physically in that temporary place or world…..the real you is safe in eternal Mind but also connected for a time to this alien body.

Because the Mind has constructed a multi-layered set of material seeming realities it may be that additional realities are described beyond this earth plane and are only separated from this material Universe generated by Mind thoughts which all function at different vibrational states just like the channels on a tv or radio network. Envision your mind as a television set and just like channel 4 and channel 7 is based on their vibratory frequencies. All of these stations exist in the same place…each level also have infinite gradations of signal within that larger level’s vibratory level. Since there is evidence that this material universe is in the lowest vibratory frequency…like channel 1 it makes sense that it is hard for the average person to pay attention to the multiple signs we are receiving from those in spirit.
Now the better the mind expresses love while in a human body the higher is its vibratory rate and the quality of your afterlife experience may well be based on the quality of how you behaved in this physical life state. Souls in spirit can lower their rate to visit others in a lower frequency but those in a lower frequency cannot visit the higher realms or state. And that is how souls are able to lower their vibration to visit us…
The eternal minds of our dead loved ones are exactly where we are but they are tuned to a higher vibratory or frequency level…
Grief can act as a barrier to communication from those who have transitioned or passed to their new state of frequency…hatred anger fear and other negative emotions make communication with the dead more difficult. Open mindedness as opposed to close minded skeptics increases the chances for clearer communication. Just as in life some people are better communicators and it is easier to understand their meaning and some spirits may be unwilling to communicate.

Since the dead are energy beings when they lower their vibratory rate closer to ours we can see them as light. During the death process a newly released loved one may look to survivors like a lightly glowing mist appearing above the body or may appear as a glowing body…or glowing orbs which can be detected by digital camera or even columns of light. There can also be physical manifestations where someone who has just died will tend to look exactly as they did in life they may initiate hugs and may tell you they are fine and all is well. Materializing this way takes a tremendous amount of energy and visits last only a few minutes but leave a powerful imprint.

Sheryl Says.. “When I was doing hospice work I met a young woman who was with her dying mother…she told me the night her father died when she went home from the hospital, he was at her bedroom door wearing his favorite plaid shirt and told her he was fine and would always be nearby. “ As a medium and long time hospice volunteer Sheryl validates throught her own experiences and in her new book, The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love many of the ideas Roberta shares in her scientific approach to prove that an afterlife exists and spiritual communication is possible for all of us to experience.

Roberta wrote a chapter on Mediums and in it asked the question “How does psychic mediumship work?” Roberta wrote “All our minds are undivided parts of eternal Mind and therefore all of us living and dead are to some degree able to be in contact with the minds of everyone else. As with any other natural ability the extent of this talent varies and most of us learn in childhood to suppress our psychic abilities….still whether or not we ever cultivate our abilities being able to be in contact telepathically seems to be part of the human design.”
Sheryl says that the problem for some mediums is that they put their own thoughts into the mix and that can diminish what the soul in spirit wishes to share with them. As many mediums as there are their way of delivering and receiving messages will be personalized and unique to their life experiences. Sheryl also believes that people are guided to meet with certain healers or mediums as opposed to others not because one is necessarily better but because the communication skills are more in sync with the experience they need to have at that specific time.
Roberta said she used to have trouble believing in the work of physic mediums because she couldn’t get past the fact that they are mind reading dead people. Sheryl says as a medium, she would like to say there are no dead people; they are only souls or energy forms either in a body or in a field of energy without a body but still alive learning, exploring the Universe, co creating within whatever dimension of life they are presently experiencing—Call it Heaven, afterlife, or the non-local quantum field. The major conclusion or truth is “Consciousness survives physical death.”
Roberta mentions that the hardest thing for her as a Christian was to accept afterlife evidence because it contradicted some of the teachings of mainstream Christianity. After rereading the gospel words of Jesus, where he shared truths about God, reality, death and the afterlife that would not be confirmed until the 20th century, due to modern afterlife communication skills and studies we can begin to understand what Jesus was saying in the gospels. It would seem that practicing any religion in life does not matter after death, but what counts for all of us when we die is having our lives in close accordance with Jesus’ gospel teachings which are a spiritual approach to living a well balanced and honorable life. According to much of the knowledge we have now gathered in the last 100 years of studying near death and the afterlife self investigation and improvement for sharing loving and making the world a better place are the means to honor the Oneness and Mind of God of which we are all a part regardless of individual religions and ancient belief systems. In the state after physical death the soul reviews their life lessons and how others were affected as a result of their interactions and then can in future situations make different choices to improve and refine their soul essence. There is always room for improvement and re-evaluation I think if the soul chooses to make changes and grow eternally more loving.

Perhaps Jesus in the gospels wasn’t trying to establish his own religion…perhaps he was telling us we don’t need religion and other people’s interpretations as God is available to every soul regardless of belief systems and separated viewpoints. We can personally and individually approach God for our own spiritual enlightenment and development. Jesus told us the fundamental fact that God is loving Spirit and each of us is part of God. God is spirit…. The Kingdom of God is within you…the Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. If you love God you will obey the Spirit of truth. The world finds it hard to accept God because it can’t see him or know him. But you know him for he lives with you and will be in you. (John) Jesus took the nonphysical God and transformed it into what modern evidence shows us is Universal Spirit or Mind. He told us to love yourself, one another, and God. He taught us forgiveness. He taught us about the power of our minds to affect reality- to heal and manifest . He taught us about the afterlife… spiritual development is our real goal; there is no short cut. Those that don’t progress may regress and not create the best afterlife for themselves.
Roberta and Sheryl have provided an in depth look at the scientific studies and ways we may begin to understand that death does not exist. As energy beings manifesting for a time a physical life journey we may come to understand our place in the Universal Mind or Oneness of Being. It is possible to learn a great deal through our interactions with souls in Spirit who communicate and wish us to know they survive and all is well. Philosophers and scientists throughout time have shared this realization with us. Sir Isaac Newton wrote This most beautiful system of the sun planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and domination of an intelligent and powerful Being.

Guest: Roberta Grimes