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Being Well

Julie Stiles

Being Well – Being Joyfully Productive with your Time

Do you have enough time? In our ever-busier world, “I don’t have time” becomes an easy excuse for what we’re unwilling to choose. If you define success through how much you get done, it’s easy to fall into a “doing” mode that forever leaves you feeling rushed trying to get the ever-growing to-do list accomplished.

Business coach George Kao helps us shift to a healthier relationship to time through re-defining success as a mode of being instead of a mode of accomplishing. Then, we can fill our time with what’s most important to us, and focus on how we’re doing them, as that’s where we live our lives.

Learn concrete tools on this episode to help you with joyful productivity, including how to enjoy doing things you don’t enjoy doing, reset how you think about filling your time, and manage your energy so that you can bring the quality of being you’d like to your daily living.

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