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Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication

Ivonne van Eeten

Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication – Being Kind to One Another – Why Playfulness Matters in Our Everyday Life

Chances are you know someone who is troubled and has problems. Our conversation today is about acts of kindness that can make life a bit more easy and manageable.

Today we are going to talk with Jeroen Jonk about the international child humanitarian organization Right To Play. Although Jeroen works specifically with this organization, the show is about much more.

We are going to show you the impact of play and paying it forward in our daily lives. Even little things can enrich our lives as well as help others. This is something that makes you feel like your life is valuable. Learn how to engage in life in a way that makes you smile and feel good and makes you productive and want to be out in the world.

Look after yourself. Look after one another.

You can find Jeroen and his work at: