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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Winning Habits for Personal and Organizational Excellence

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Cindy Locher
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which shares stories and powerful examples from my experience as a Reiki energy practitioner and medium which may help readers to remember their dual nature as both spiritual and physical beings who possess the inner personal power to conquer any challenges they may face, welcomes Cindy Locher, coauthor of Mastering The Art of Success who along with other notable leaders in their fields work towards helping others to remember “You are the designer of your life and have the power to unlock your potential by making wise choices and accepting greater responsibility for your thoughts and actions.”
Cindy Locher will share her article from the book “Spreading the Light of Personal Transformation” and share some of her co-authors ideas who have contributed their coaching skills and suggestions for helping you achieve your life time goals. Cindy is a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and we discuss those healing modalities as well as her passion and purpose in life to help others cultivate a mindset for success healthy living and to realize the true potential of their “Magical Minds.”
As a hypnotherapist , Cindy tells our audience something about that healing modality and some of the conditions it may be used to treat. A hypnotherapist helps clients connect to and use the resources within themselves in other words their innate soul memories or the innumerable resources of their subconscious minds to create a more satisfying life by eliminating limiting fears or beliefs that may compromise a happy and healthier state of being. During the light meditative state people are in during a session people may relax and focus. When coupled with an intense emotional desire to create positive change or modify certain behaviors allow many valuable outcomes to occur.
Sheryl says “Before I became a Reiki Master Teacher I was guided to study hypnotherapy and yoga as a way to connect to my internal energy or soul source of life and also to study quantum physics and spiritual communication which helped me to remember or rediscover who we are…spiritual beings of Universal energy having a physical life. Consciousness or our inner soul essence does survive physical death. In understanding that our destiny or life plan is within our inner awareness we can become more empowered to improve the quality of our physical life and can live with less fear or restrictions and limitations allowing us to accept any circumstance or challenge and then to work past it for the highest good of all those around us..In other words self-awareness affords us a great gift or tool to an awakening of our greatest potential for living a creative and purposeful life experience.
During a Reiki session, the client is in a light meditative peaceful relaxing state and can access higher dimensions and awareness of their real needs and desires much like a hypnotic altered state achieved durining hypnosis helping the person to achieve healing on multi-dimensional levels.
There are many gifted authors represented in Mastering The Art of Success. Cindy has been exposed to the work of these people and we find many similarities in the hopes they hold for a more conscious world community. Stretch, Push, Yourself, and Reach Further by Les Brown, Two Mastering Expectations by Susan Meyerle Ph.D., The Desire to Succeed Knows No Limitations by Myra Goldick, EtiQuette Power by Lori Miller, The Life You Deserve by Mark Victor Hansen, The Art of Success-Transitions (Open to Change), Find a Mentor and Believe in Your Dreams by Jack Canfield, Raising Awareness of Success Le Anne Williamson, The Heart and Soul of Leadership by Dr. Jo Anne White are a few of the topics addressed in the book Mastering the Art of Success.
We know success or the concept of success is different for each individual. Success for one woman might be a good marriage happy children and a career or area of study that she enjoys…Success for the man next door might mean a challenging job that keeps him on the run and provides enough money to enjoy life’s amenities. Some people do not define success in terms of material gain. For those people success means learning new things, growing spiritually and intellectually and other altruistic ideals that are internal rather than external.
In today’s competitive business world success has become an art and those who master it are considered “Lucky” but luck might not have as much to do with becoming successful as good old fashioned hard work, overcoming negative attitudes or people who limit you and being able to learn and grow or mature socially spiritually and emotionally. Cindy said, “Success is achieving your true potential despite our culture’s portrayal of success as a life full of possessions and stature people are learning that this may be a trap and that more things do not create a life that is emotionally and spiritually satisfying…it’s been called the American Paradox—the more we have the more we want. Let’s be very clear for some people this will be the way they accept life and live their life but for many they will find that their heart perhaps hurts or feels empty and that there is more to making them happy than what others have lead them to believe.” Money and possessions can’t satisfy they can only feed the need and that feeling of emptiness or question you ask yourself…Isn’t there more to life than this??? For Cindy it’s the memoires experiences and love that fills a home not the house is belonging and mutual cooperation and finding your spiritual sense and discovering who you are and who you can be. It may well be that only 1 percent of humans discover their true potential as people are simply unaware of the possibilities.
Cindy has conducted a workshop called Doing the Impossible where Cindy helped people demonstrate their ability to do things through the power of their minds. Sheryl often has connections, coincidences with her guests and today Cindy and Sheryl shares one by telling a story from her new book The Living Spirit Answers For Healing and Infinite Love. Sheryl shares a story of a childhood tale where the boy does the impossible and eventually saves everyone. Sheryl writes “Observing and feeling the magic of this childhood tale reignited a memory of my own dreamy state of being when I was a teenager. Weeks ago at a reading by a medium I was told to remember the dream I had when I was 17 or 18 years old. I did remember the dream. It was of Don Quixote from the Broadway show Man of La Mancha. There was a song in the show called “The Impossible Dream.” When I was younger this song meant so much to me. Perhaps the words spoke to my soul. I even used it for my wedding song because the song expressed the need to struggle with love and life and to achieve what others might think impossible.”
Sheryl believes that we each came here to a physical life to discover what is most meaningful and valuable for us to refine our soul essence and to achieve our highest human potential and in doing that of course we learn the true meaning of success within the values of our heart essence regardless of the mind chatter of ego and the many illusions of other people’s realities…our uniqueness requires us to find our own inner voice…. Values… and life path to success.
There is much talk these days of transformation transition and the search for knowing more about our internal or soul essence and Cindy discusses her answers to questions asked in an interview for the book by David Wright about her own personal life and discoveries. Cindy is very interested in helping people see the light or goodness within them and to see the stories they have accepted until now and to begin to step out of the “unawakened state” or trance state they don’t even realize they are in…in other words to move away from childhood belief systems provided by parents and social mores and to discover what their real purpose in life is…often when a person opens up to this new way to regard themselves and others life changes in a very positive and uplifting way.
Cindy doesn’t believe adversity leads to success but moving through adversity builds character resolve and resilience and with consistency of action and hard work can lead to success…When you let go of pain and move towards joy and happiness which is our natural state of being then you are free. When you are free you can learn there are new choices available to you and can begin to know anything is possible. That feeling creates a new kind of awareness a more positive energy and as the Law of Attraction suggests brings more of those realities to you.
Cindy tells her own story of adversity. “In the time of my darkest need someone dear carried the light for me and I can discuss my circumstances with you because it is responsible for who I am today. For nine years I was in an emotionally psychologically abusive marriage to an alcoholic …I lost the core of who I am….I married young had been a successful student came from a loving supportive family and had a strong sense of who I was…my father believed my ex-husband was a socio path someone who doesn’t have a conscience empathy or feelings of remorse..they play games with others and manipulate them…they don’t experience emotions of love and they tend to have addictive personalities. They are often able to mimic acceptable behavior but eventually their dysfunctional patterns emerge and there is little hope of rehabilitating this type of personality. He isolated me from my family and friends and constantly pointed out his own mental superiority. He brainwashed me and I went into a deep depression. There was little physical touch. I found it hard to voice my own opinions and didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was my Dad who was there for me He was a social worker and he knew hypnosis and worked with me on self-concept and self-esteem.”
Cindy believes the change that leads to success always begins within…You become your dominant thoughts and you are in control of your thoughts. Thoughts create emotions and how you feel about yourself and the world determines the actions you will take or not take.
Cindy describes what the light means to her: The light is can be harsh it can hurt and it can be soft and beautiful showing a part of yourself that has the strength to accept necessary change…So the light is a time of awakening and transforming yourself into the person you choose to become regardless of how others expect you to react or perform…
Cindy writes “ One lesson I’ve learned from my experience is that we all buy into a story and it’s all stories. Actual reality separated from our individual perception is impossible for us to experience we have too many psychological filters and they can’t be removed. To remove them would be to remove what makes us who we are so it is impossible to see an objective reality. You begin to realize everyone is living a story. Some people’s stories are wonderful and empowering and beautiful and some are terrible and disempowering. Become aware of what story you are living. Is it a story you chose of a story you just accepted without question. Question your story and become aware you can write a new one…No matter where you are right now, you can change your story.”
Cindy and Sheryl have shared stories of growth and the recognition and how change is actually a process that aids us in reaching our highest goals and true potential to shine as human and divine beings of a Universal experience. At Cindy’s Change Works Hypnosis Center the mission state is:”We recognize a place for people to reinvent and empower yourself to be the person you wish to be. Most people in life find they need help along the way to make their lives more enjoyable and fulfilling: to change those habits that they just can’t seem to change themselves.”
Sheryl and Cindy encourage all people and listeners to explore the realm of possibilities for health and renewal no matter what the emotional physical or spiritual challenge may be…if you ask the Universe and begin to make intentions for your personal growth the call will be heard and new people and experiences will present themselves..then the choice to enjoy a new experience without judgment or fear is yours alone to make…
Sheryl shares this thought in her book “In The Living Spirit”, which shows how Reiki Energy Healing and spiritual communication which she practices has lead her and many others to move past old stories to explore and respect many natural and alternative ways to resolve conflicts traumas and invite a better range of emotions experiences and forces for healing into our lives…She wrote “The world has vastly changed since the days when I first realized my spiritual gifts. Information on everything from meditation practices to holistic healing energy work is at our fingertips, bringing like minded people closer together regardless of geographic distance or cultural divide. These people are joining organizations, taking courses, and otherwise engaging in activities to break through their imagined limitations and live life as the spiritual beings they are: So feel free to engage yourself and others in any and all activities that awaken your mind’s potential, challenge your physical body and open your heart and soul to your Divine purpose. Do not procrastinate or limit your exposure to new things: jump in the water and begin to swim!”