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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – How to be Fit, Healthy, & Happy For the Holidays (& Beyond)!

No time is more stressful for moms than the holiday season—more to do, less down time, and so many decadent meals and treats everywhere you turn! How can we stay fit and healthy through the holidays and during other stressful times of life? Is it just an oxymoron? Or is it truly possible? My guest, Kathy Kaehler—bestselling author, lifestyle and fitness expert, and trainer to A-listers like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston—says it is possible. In this episode, Kathy and I share ways to create and keep habits of health (and happiness) during the holidays, and  some simple strategies to keep you organized, active, and feeling your best all year long. Then, in my “Dr. Christi’s Simple Solutions” segment, Kathy shares her incredible FREE coaching and consultation services and also gives us a heads up on her favorite company, USANA, backed by Kathy, Dr. Oz, and dozens of top athletes! A perfect boost to your mental and physical health and fitness!