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Architect of Change

Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – Alternative to Westernized Medicine

How many of us chose a quick fix to help with pain, versus seeking more natural alternatives? A pill is easy, isn’t it? But the real question is – what if there are better options to heal our bodies permanently? Would you go for it, or would you at least investigate the alternative?

We have so many new and natural choices available to us today but how do we determine if an alternate route will work for us? How do we educate and arm ourselves with clear and accurate information? There are so many resources after all! Today we are going to speak with Jenifer Legge, who is the CEO of This Nourished Life. Jen is an expert with The Body Code System and she is going to help us explore another energy healing modality that is safe and effective.

Are you ready to learn about negative energies our bodies have been holding onto since we were young children, and how to release these toxic energy’s? We will also discuss how these stored emotions may be causing us dis-ease in our bodies as adults. Get out a piece of paper so you can take notes and see if this system is the next good thing for your body!