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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – How to Create Work-Home-Family Balance: It’s all about habits!

“Balance”—as moms, we’re all seeking it, but are we finding it? Between home, family, relationships, and work (either inside or outside of the home), how can we feel that elusive sense of “balance” we all desire? My guest, Katie Richardson, founder of PUJ Baby Products, says it’s all about habits. Today’s episode examines the concept of home-family-work balance and offers specific strategies to help you create the habits that will bring more calm, happiness, and yes, “balance” to your life. And in my “Dr. Christi’s Simple Solutions” segment, Katie sticks around to tell us all about her award-winning PUJ products—a perfect way to bring more beauty, function, and simplicity to parenthood, and to life!