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Create Your Magical Life

Alana Sheeren

Create Your Magical Life – Nourish Your Spirit & Celebrate the Everyday with Mara Glatzel

Do you wish life would slow down a little so you could savor it more? Do your needs and desires end up trampled by your daily schedule? Do you wish someone would give you permission to truly take care of your heart? Mara Glatzel has your permission slip. An intuitive guide, energy healer and wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, Mara shares kind, gentle wisdom on nourishing our hearts, opening to joy and giving ourselves the space we need to feel fully present in our lives.

Learn more about Mara at MaraGlatzel.com

In this show I also talk with anti-animal-cruelty pioneer Sally Malanga, founder of EccoBella about how her passion for animals led her to found one of the first cruelty-free, non-toxic skin care and beauty companies. Find out more at EccoBella.com