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Rock Splitting Politics – Why Smart Moderates Should Back Ted Cruz for President!

n this fast paced multi candidate field for the Republican presidential nomination, some moderates are fretting over Donald Trump still leading the polls.  Jeb Bush was the man many moderates had determined should be the nominee but since Jeb does not seem to be able to “fix it” many moderates don’t see a viable candidate to stop Trump.  Doc Holliday is not endorsing any candidate at this time but he provides on this week’s show 3 reasons why smart moderates should get behind Ted Cruz for president right now.  Doc Holliday divides his reasons into 1) Win one for the Gipper 2) How uniting behind Cruz will lead to bipartisanship and 3) How Cruz as the Republican nominee can bring unity to the Republican Party.  You know Doc Holliday reaches deep down into the clutches of reality to bring forth ideas not seen or heard anywhere else—-so tune in now.  You will not hear what is on this show anywhere else.  Maybe even U.S. Senator Ted Cruz would like to hear this show—-his wife has something to say about the show as it kicks off–so listen for her voice! Send this link to friend and foe alike and leave your comments on our e-mail.