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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Are You Acting On Your Deepest Values? Being An Everyday Leader

Do you consider yourself a leader? What if every action you take ripples out into the world, having impact beyond what you may ever know? Today’s guest Maura Wolf, leadership coach and author of What Matters Most, Everyday Leadership at Home, at Work, and In The World, defines everyday leadership as acting on your deepest values in ordinary ways. By this definition, we all can be leaders.

Everyday leadership requires knowing what matters most to you, being willing to inquire into that question with total honesty. Once you know what matters most, then you act on it, bringing presence in each moment to shift if need be and bringing compassion to your choices and actions. In times of stress—during busy holiday seasons and information glut on all the difficult things happening in the world—connecting with what matters most allows you to more consciously choose how you would like to be and to act.

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