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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Guidance from the Akashic Records

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Ernesto Ortiz

To Hear Ernesto mention Syria and other Mid Eastern Countries and their Karmic Struggle Proceed to Conclusion of Show.

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love- a book that offers a practical look at Universal Energy and the means to harness this higher source of intelligence and love for your development and most successful life experience, welcomes Ernesto Ortiz author of The Akashic Records. Ernesto is the founder and director of Journey to the Heart, a company dedicated to uplifting consciousness and the well being of people. He is also a noted artist, author and therapist.

Ernesto shares practical and profound insights into The Akashic Records an informational realm or dimension where all the information about every soul’s life story is stored and may be accessed and utilized for individual healing, growth and self-realization. You may learn a sacred prayer to experience a journey to the Akashic Records which has the potential to bring change into your life, to be able to heal past and present and move with a greater ease and inspiration into your future. Working with the energy guides and masters of the Akashic Records when merged with other multi-dimensional healing modalities bring you to the next level of your potential and offer easy powerful ways of protection and how to always be connected to Source and Spirit.

Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart and soul primal movement into deep inner spaces and helped students from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom and blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence going beyond the chattering and chaos of the ego-mind. His training began at an early age in Mexico with Curanderos and Shamans and with world renowned teachers in Transpersonal Psychology Shamanism Music Therapy and Body Work….Ernesto is an honorary ceremonial pipe carrier: he received his pipe in 1996 from his spiritual grandmother Barret Eagle Bear (Lakota).

His company uses practical tools to integrate the physical with the mental emotional and spiritual bodies..Akashic Records Classes, Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism, Sacred Geometry, Meditation Techniques, Tian Di Bamboo Massage, Karmapa Reiki, Spiritual Photography and Relationship workshops.

Ernesto mentions Karmapa Reiki… Sheryl tells Ernesto that she is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Japanese system. You may use the energy of the Akashic Records with any other healing modaility you may be using. If you are a Reiki practitioner energy worker massage therapist psychotherapist or medical doctor you may use this energy to take you to the next level of your personal potential…and the Akashic Records can give you the inspiration to be a better communicator in any aspect of life.

Ernesto goes on to tell us that the Akashic Records are “Your Book of Life,” the story of the progression of your soul’s evolution from the moment of its inception to the present. Every energetic imprint that you experience is recorded. In other words all of your actions and these include strong feelings that may not take a physical manifestation but contribute energetically to an outcome that will impact in a negative or positive way in your life or in the life of another. This is basically the Law of Karma. A simple way to access the Akashic Records is via a Sacred Prayer..access to a world outside yourself but deeply inside yourself and as you learn to explore your own mind and consciousness you will begin to re-write your karma and clean away all the debris that holds you back. The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means primordial substance” or ether, sky or cosmos and hold the story of your soul’s past present and also contains the possibility of the unfolding of all future events based on the choices we make. If you embrace a spiritual practice and include in this use of the Akashic Records you have wonderful tools to deal with the debris or toxic stuff you may have accumulated. Some people once issues are exposed instead of owning their actions will say…”It wasn’t me” and enter into denial or may need to take medications to heal their emotions and physical distress instead of getting to the root cause and healing it. When you access the space of the Akashic Record you will never feel or hear words of judgment or criticism…it is a place where you can deal safely and lovingly with all the material accumulated over the course of a lifetime.

The Akashic Records are one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today to help us remember our oneness with God and our own beauty and magnificence. Alternative names for the Akashic Records include.. Book of Life (Christian Philippines, Malachi Revelation), Cosmic Collective Consciousness, Cosmic Mind, Universal Mind, Nature’s Memory, Universal Library, Book of Remembrance (Jewish), Hall of Learning, Hall of Knowledge, Repository of Thoth (Egyptian), Akashic Chronicles, Etheric Records (Tibetan), and Anima Mundi (soul of the world).

Sacred Prayer is what opens the portal of the Akashic Records to access your Book of Life. After learning the Prayer you will learn Grace Points energetic imprints that manifest on either hand depending on the nature of the issue that is being explored…if the issue has a masculine component it will show up on the right hand…feminine issue on the left hand…they are calls of action that anchor the information we are receiving. The Sacred Prayer was given to us in a special way and it comes from the Mayan tradition. The way it is written is the way it is given to you in this has the flow of the original energy and the prayer is alive and the words are encoded in Sacred Geometry.

Akasha has formed a part of many ancient belief system, numerous cultures and socio-religious groups talked openly about the Akashic Records and claimed to have accessed the information including the East Indians, Moors, Tibetan, Bonpos, Egyptians, Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks Chinese Hebrews Christians Druids and Mayans…they all knew that each Soul or Atman recorded every moment of their existence in this book. In India today, you can see Nadi Palm leaf readers…the belief is that Lord Shiva imprints recordings of the Akashic Records onto palm leaves and that each human has a leaf on which the recordings of his or her soul path are inscribed…perhaps the leaves are a physical aspect of the Akashic Records from the world of Spirit to the material plane of life.


1. Do your centering exercise and bring all your attention to your heart.
2. Read the Akashic Records Sacred Prayer out loud exactly as it is written once…
3. Repeat the prayer two times (2 times) in silence replacing the word me with your first and last name.


“I ask God if He will have his Shield of Love and Truth around me permanently so only God’s Love and Truth will exist between you and me…(place your name here) I allow the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of me (place your name here) to channel through me, out of whatever realm, to say whatever they wish.”


“I thank the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones for the information they have given me today. I trust this information has been given to me for my highest good. Amen”

If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past knowingly or unknowingly I forgive and release it. If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past knowingly or unknowingly I forgive or release it for the highest good of others and myself


If what I am experiencing is not mine, may God have his shield around me and I release whatever it may be to him…


Father/Mother/God, we ask that this entity/soul be sent on its spiritual evolution for the highest good and mutual benefit of everyone concerned.


I ask God for His Shield of Love and Light to illuminate my path. I ask for clarity so I may be able to see with inner and outer vision and clear all obstructions.

An important benefit of the Akashic Records is we are given the complete freedom to exercise the greatest gift we have: free will to make choices.. Example, a young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor suggested predictably chemotherapy…at her first session at the hospital she opened her Akashic Records and the Masters started talking to her reminding her that she had a powerful tool at her disposal for healing..and she felt a sense of great peace and confidence. Part of the formula for her healing journey was to completely stop chemotherapy and she followed the natural path of healing. After a few months the cancer was completely gone. The main point of this story is the trust she so completely had in help from Spirit.

Sheryl Says, “I have interviewed many guests on the show who were close to death and due to faith and fate and Spiritual Guides… survived. One was Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven. Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon who had meningitis and was not expected to live. During his time in Spirit he was able to access the wisdom and peace of that place and survived… what was not a near death experience but almost death…. Another amazing story of healing was told by Anita Moorjani author of Dying to Be Me who had cancer and after four years was close to death. During her time in Spirit she accessed help and was returned to life. All her physical symptoms of cancer healed. She has been able to share this journey of true healing with others.”

“In my book The Living Spirit, I share stories of synchronicity coincidences and a view of Universal Energy the source of intelligence and universal love which we may all access to connect to the world of spirit for a greater view of our soul life. The purpose of reaching up to Spirit and accessing this field of information is to discover our true destiny and life path so we may proceed to manifest our most joyful and prosperous life… In messages from this field of wisdom and eternal life I have helped my clients using Reiki healing sessions and readings to touch the source of their own soul and to find answers that will bring them forward to a greater love for life.”

Many people in today’s world are looking for answers and ultimately looking for happiness and may go to psychic tarot card readers, or angel readers healers and spiritual teachers to find out more about themselves or loved ones The answers to the root causes of an circumstance they seek can be from this life or a previous one and if something is nagging you or a pattern keeps repeating again and again maybe these same dysfunctional events must be perceived and handled in a new way creating new patterns and relationships. The Akashic Records may help you to make these necessary changes in regard to any relationship and can bring peace and resolution to troubled relationships especially with those who have made their transition and allow them to leave the astral plane where they might be in a holding pattern until they can be in the right heart space to talk to you from a space of unconditional love rather than a human space of fear and insecurity.

Ernesto refers to the Akashic Records as the Library of Congress of the Soul…a huge place with many floors to obtain information or simply rest, listen to beautiful music and recharge your batteries. The Akashic Records is similar to this description: when you enter you are greeted by Masters who simply radiate unconditional love and may guide you on a journey of self-discovery. The Akashic Records is a place where we may remember our oneness with God and where our spiritual awareness may be heightened. We can receive information from the Akashic Records by being in a meditative state and from the Masters and Teachers who surround all of us and who are only so happy to help us when we ask questions and tap into Universal Consciousness.

The Akashic Records changed for Ernesto in his life by, “Around the time I was exploring forgiveness issues while deep in meditation and inner exploration I had an experience that took me to a place where my whole body was luminous with a golden radiance and a sense of clarity peace and a love so great it was hard to words can explain the totality of this experience of what I call Experience Grace.”

Sheryl says…One day while riding in my car with the sun shining and quiet all around me I felt that same state of inner light and pure joy…no though initiated it but previous to this happening I was thinking of a client who was doing unusually well and thanking spirit for helping that person…it was like I could feel a great inner light rising throughout my system and going out into the world with love unrestrained.

Ernesto goes on to mention Grace which is the freely given favor and love of God/Spirit/Source that is used to strengthen an regenerate humans. The only thing you have to do is ask for Grace to come in and be willing to receive and be in gratitude. Grace is mentioned in all sacred scriptures and in the Hindu faith Bhakti is translated as devotion and involves the practice of the individual in divine communication with the gods. Within Bhakti we find Kripa or divine grace which is the key for spiritual self-realization…Divine grace is developed from a pure heart devoted to a spiritual path generating sufficient energy for us to have Kripa.

Grace Points have been given to us from the Akashic Records as physical points of action. They stimulate movement of energy on different levels of the human being (physical emotional mental spiritual conscious unconscious and genetic) so that we may return to a place of peace and alignment with divine will.

Grace Points assist us in 3 ways:

  1. Gaining Clarity—Movement within consciousness to access information and a new awareness of truth
  2. Releasing that which no longer serves you (replacing a contracted memory with an uplifting memory…a contracted memory is a memory that was created via a contract in the present or past life…many times the contract has expired but the energy of it lingers in the mind. ex. Someone gets divorced because of infidelity..the original marriage contract was created out of live but the divorce came about because of infidelity..this imprint of infidelity will block the individual in future relationships unless the imprint is dissolved in the mind….releasing old patterns helps to expand the comfort zone by bringing more balance to your inner state of being.
  3. Integrating that which serves You.

The Grace Points are located in the center of the palm. Grace Point 2 is located on the side of the palm between the small finger and the wrist.Grace Point 3 is the Ancestry Lineage Grace Point and is located in the webbing between the thumb and the index finger.

Sheryl and Ernesto have attempted to unify the world of spirit with our physical life values to find a more beautiful aspect of soul and a greater understanding of how to move past the attachments desires and fears of our everyday consciousness to find the part of ourselves that lives in love and peace and also a truer view of higher consciousness for our personal and global evolution. Ernesto has shared a great understanding of how we may connect to the Akashic Records our Masters Teachers and loved ones to explore the most intimate sense of our being for greater wisdom and clarity about the nature of life.

As Ernesto wrote… “What creates this grasping, this attachment we develop and the suffering that occurs in a human life…. The ego is the source of all self-grasping, self-cherishing and self-absorption. These 3 are the root of all suffering and all hard-heartedness. The ego is a fragment of the psyche observing the rest of itself from a psychological distance but at the same time infiltrating the whole. We actually need the ego to operate in life but we need a healthy ego not an altered ego. If it weren’t for the ego we wouldn’t wonder about our true place on this earth…..Our ego gives us the sense of being human and our ability to know ourselves and the ability to fall in love with everything including the mysteries….As humans we have the awareness and consciousness to know that we have the potential to become anything we want.”

Ernesto and Sheryl have also discussed the Buddhist ideology Samsara referring to the cycle of birth, suffering death and rebirth and how to experience liberation from the attachments, addictions fears and distractions that hold us from reaching a state of Nirvana a state of transcendence from attachment. The more you work with meditation and other mindful practices and develop a relationship with your Masters and Teachers and with the knowledge of the Akashic Records the closer you will come to feeling love for yourself, love for others, and love for life itself.