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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Botulinum Toxin Explained: Its Use, Misuse & Benefits in Facial Rejuvenation: Dr Lycka & Dr Bertucci

Botulinum Toxin – scary sounding name isn’t it – but you will have heard it plenty of times as Botox. You may also have heard it being referred to as a neuromodulator. Even though it has been around for many years as a cosmetic procedure, there are still many mysteries and confusion surrounding its use and benefits, which is amazing since it is the world’s number one cosmetic procedure! This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today your show host Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks once again with board certified Dermatologist Dr Vince Bertucci from his Toronto practice. Dr Lycka & Dr Bertucci begin by reviewing exactly what is botulinum toxin, and highlighting that as well as Botox there are also 2 other brands, Dysport & Xeomin. They explain how it is typically used to treat wrinkles of movement caused by facial expressions, and then the two doctors feature several lesser known facial rejuvenation treatments where botulinum toxin is used with great results.