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Rock Splitting Politics – Trump—Super Smart, Crazy Cool, and Dangerous—–to the Status Quo!

With all the media circus and non-circus focused around the latest thing Donald Trump says, the leader in the race for the Republican nomination is crying out like John Belushi did in Animal House when he said,  “No prisoners!”  The media is dumbfounded, the establishment types like Karl Rove are beside themselves and Doc Holliday ends this week’s program with what the establishment must do now to keep the nomination away from Trump.  Doc’s answer is tough medicine for the establishment to swallow.  You will hear about how Donald Trump speaks for himself with sound bites and commentary unique to Rock Splitting Politics.  Doc Holliday also pays  tribute this week to the founder of WebTalkRadio, Brad Saul, who passed away last week.  Brad knew radio like no other and he lived his life to bring the best to radio.  He could see the future of Internet radio and was instrumental in all the aspects of Rock Splitting Politics being the show it is today.  Just a couple of weeks ago Brad helped Doc outline the direction future shows should take to make Rock Splitting Politics even more valuable for its listeners and the nation as a whole. Brad’s family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers during this time. Brad will be greatly missed but his passion and dedication for great radio will live on.