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Women Who Lead

Lesley Southwick-Trask & Jae Peacock

Women Who Lead – In The Key of 12: An Emerging New Melody And Tapestry of Leadership

What if we were to bring the voices of 12 amazing change masters together to discover their collective mandate for Women Who Lead- their combined “song” so to speak for powerful influence? This week you will find out as my guest, Hilary Van Welter works her magic to uncover the deep messaging and connected melodies calling us to action in creating a new world by distilling our 12 interviews to date into a collective call for change. Hilary is a pioneer and masterful change maker in her own right- launching new strategic agendas for the Canadian music industry, the Breast Cancer Movement, Addictions & Mental Health, as well as the organizational likes of American Express, Bell Mobility, Shell Canada, the Ontario Water Center, the Business Development Bank, Wrigley’s, and the Ontario Police College – just to name a few. Take a listen to how this truly amazing transformational artist uncovers the tools, truths and tales of Women Who Lead.