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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Dreams Clarify Our Reality

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Kaya
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Kaya, author of The Source Code, a dictionary of dream signs and signals who will show us in his extensive and descriptive way more than 880 pages of dream interpretations with topics ranging from “ Accidents to Zoo.” Kaya incorporates 15+ years of research and study so readers can begin to understand the profound significance of the messages received during their sleep state. Kaya collaborated with doctors, therapists, teachers and he is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Universe/City Mikael a multinational non-profit organization.
Sheryl and Kaya will ask questions such as Do you have a re-occurring dream? Do you dream about animals, see strange symbols or numbers? Do you often see yourself flying, falling or swimming while you sleep? Do you wake up perplexed or baffled by your dreams or are you haunted by nightmares? What do our dreams tell us about ourselves and how do they assist us in handling life’s mysteries.
In the preface of the book Kasara, Kaya’s daughter describes the challenges and difficulties her father experienced as he followed his unique path and need to increase his capacity to love humankind unconditionally and to do the research to deliver in his book an understanding of the power of dreams which help us to discover the deepest parts of our soul. Kasara wrote, “Dreams are the reflections of our past, the reasons for our present and the probabilities of what we may become one day.
Sheryl tells Kaya “After taking Reiki Energy healing training and attuning my body to receive and channel higher levels of Universal energy to others the energy system of my body was altered and one night I had a dream… In the dream there was a man with a suntanned face and a bold smile with a shiny balding head.. he looked a little like my Dad or father-in law but was younger and taller..I had never seen him before and he appeared to me just as I was beginning to wake up..A few days later I brought my first book” Life Is No Coincidence” to my agent in NYC and then proceeded to a workshop with SQuire Rushnell who had written a new book “When God Winks” which was similar in intent to mine showing how coincidences were messages from Spirit guiding us to stay on our life path and to have experiences that were for our highest good. When SQuire walked over and shook my hand as he did to each person in the room I was impressed as he was so authentic and open. He was wearing a baseball cap. As he walked to the front of the room and took off the cap and turned to the audience I recognized the same face that I had seen in my dream..At the end of the class I went up and told him about the dream and I am sure he remembered me because a few years later I was asked to do a radio show and SQuire Rushnell was one of my first guests…”
Sheryl wondered what type of dream it was… was it Prophetic? or just a way for Spirit to give me something to talk about with this very gracious man who would down the road be on the show?
Kaya gives definitions for many words and visions that are seen in our dreams using great insight into the changes that are happening to us individually and collectively in our world today for a clearer view of developing ourselves and creating a more evolved society.
For example for the word Light Kaya writes “Nowadays, human consciousness is experiencing a return to the Light, both on the esoteric level through increased research into spiritual Knowledge and Enlightenment and on the exoteric level through increased research into a better understanding of the human body and the phenomena of our existence…..the development and stage in human life is a good illustration of the evolution of human conscience. Man now has more and more access to this knowledge from within, his conscience has lit up so to speak: he is becoming more spiritual as he integrates the understanding of the multi-dimensions.”
Kaya tell us more of his interpretation of “ the Light” and also of “Obscurity- darkness and obstacles” as an understanding of both seem to be the way for us to develop a more awakened soul life. “Obscurity designates the absence of light and denotes a lack of clarity and an incapacity to see and discern, or POSITIVELY viewed it lead us to find a good time to rest, interiorize, reflect, question ourselves, and be introspective. As light is a symbol of knowledge, of an enlightened mind and spirit as well as an awakened conscience, absence of light represents ignorance, a dark gloomy spirit, a visit to the unconscious…to our hidden aspects. Fear or obscurity or its appearance in a dream indicates that the person is becoming conscious of his somber dark aspects and negative memories of the soul that he has to face for them to disappear.”
Kaya wrote “ The dreams and signs we receive are not merely abstract, incoherent, unfounded information but they are conceived in accordance with a completely logical, universal code that is found within us. In actual fact, a dream is a collection of symbols, each of which has its own precise meaning. Thanks to our dreams we can visit regions of our unconscious and deeply understand that everything that exists in the outside world also exists within us, and manifests in states of mind, soul and conscience. The symbolic language of dreams and signs is in fact mathematical: it is comprised of equations of conscience that show us who we really are in the very depths of our being and what we experience and experiment with in order to evolve.”
There are certain rules to analyze and interpret dreams signs and signals such as:
  1. A dream must always be analyzed chronologically Like a story there is a beginning middle and end that may or may not be complete Whenever the conclusion is incomplete it means that the behavioral dynamics shown in the dream hasn’t been resolved or that the dreamer is in the learning stage.
  2. It is advisable to begin with a general analysis of the dream as a whole seeking to understand its general global theme. Basing ourselves on the atmosphere ambiance and events presented—we first define if the dream has a positive or negative tendency. We try to understand the main outline of the dream…we also work with the symbols or aspect..example dynamics of aggression hyperactivity feelings of embarrassment envy or an intense need to please.. This allows us to do great reflective work on our behavior and to improve our attitudes by transforming the blockages and negative aspects that the dream unveiled to us.
  3. It is also important to determine which of the four elements fire air water earth are present.
  4. The presence of symbols representing or related to the 5 kingdoms mineral vegetable animal human divine is also an important element to consider
  5. For a symbol to be truly positive it must be in its right place and in good condition ex harmonious, non-aggressive clean beautiful radiant ex snake in a bed= a negative connotation bed (intimacy) + snake (sexuality) = the person has too strong a need for sexual intimacy.
  6. Whenever a distorted element is present in a dream it often confirms that the general atmosphere of the dream has a negative tendency. Ex aggressive cat in a beautiful big sitting-room indicates he has potential for expansion in his social behavior but at the same time he is independent slightly haughty, a little anti-social or distant difficult to get close to (negative aspects of the cat symbol)
  7. Everyday objects always have a universal symbolic meaning…ex from a positive point of view, a chair is a symbol of receptivity, calm well-being rest and relaxation…from a negative point of view, it symbolizes a lack of receptivity, laziness, indolence, a lack of motivation to be active, to take action, to set things in motion to advance. Shape color place where it is found in the dream add more detail to the situation
  8. There are no tourists in dreams. When we receive a dream where we see another person in his home or workplace even though we may be visiting his soul we are never simply onlookers (tourists) It’s no coincidence that person is in our dreams…generally all of the elements that appear in a dream represent parts of the dreamer. We can receive dreams about our past present or future some representing details regarding the material level but also something of our personality traits..Always look to understand the evolution lesson contained in the dream in terms of Qualities Virtues Powers in their purest form.
  9. The Law of Resonance..We always attract what we are in terms of memories both positively and negatively. Understanding this rule is essential for us to be able to accept that in an assault or aggressive situation we are as much the aggressor as is the victim….we are the person who may attack others as we are the person attacked. Understanding this law is fundamental for the correct interpretation of dreams and signs.****However, since we only know an infinitesimal percentage of ourselves we don’t realize the resonance we have with a person or situation that attracts or bothers us. That is why it is important not to identify 100% with the negativity we experience—the disturbances, ordeals difficulties..but always remind ourselves that we also have beautiful qualities and potential.We also have to accept that on a certain level we do have similar aspects to the person or situation in question..that is how we can make the changes to grow and evolve past those limitations in ourselves and others.
  10. A recurring dream is an alarm signal that if the dreamer doesn’t change his behavior and cleanse his memories related to the situation presented in a recurring dream then sooner or later he will attract a similar situation in concrete reality. A recurring dreams wants to call our attention to the fact that we have accumulated a great number of distorted memories in our inner computer which often manifest in the form of nightmares which will end up manifesting in a concrete event if we continue to ignore them.
  11. The Law of Balance Whenever there is excess anywhere in a concrete situation, in a dream, in an attitude or behavior there is necessarily a lack and vice versa. Very often we are not aware of our excesses and lacks because they are repressed ..hidden in our unconscious. Hence if we are too patient, consciously or unconsciously we seek to compensate for those parts of us that end, or tended, to manifest impatiently: if we lack calm and interiorization we are sure to have parts that are too absorbed by the social collective side of life: if we lack confidence, it is a sign that somewhere in us there is too much insecurity.
  12. Evil is educational. Another essential key we need to integrate is being able to recognize and acknowledge the educational evolutionary role of evil, wrong-doing, hurt…Whether it manifests in our dream world in the form of an ordeal or human tragedy in concrete reality, it is important to learn to de-dramatize and to recognize the valuable effect for transforming any difficult situation. Accepting evil as educational allows us to react differently when faced with disturbing situations.
  13. Karma and Divine Justice: We always reap what we sow….Divine Justice is absolute! Working with the Source Code leads us to integrate both these Divine Laws which helps us to see the apparent injustices that we see in different areas of life everywhere on Earth. If certain situations seem unfair to us it’s because the people going through them have memories within them, from this life or past lives, when they have engendered unfair thoughts, feelings and deeds. Thus and to repair negative karma on the causal level so as to be able to continue his evolution, a difficult situation always serves as a reminder to the person affected…it invites him to rectify his distorted attitudes.
  14. Spiritual Autonomy, working with the Source Code leads us to spiritual autonomy because it enables us to find our own answers and to receive them within ourselves
Sheryl wonders how can interpreting our dreams help us understand the situations and events that make up our life-plan? Kaya says the study of dreams signs and symbols is a field of development that leads us to discover and penetrate the secrets of the physical and metaphysical Universe.
Kaya and Sheryl have entered the magical and practical world of Dreams a source for understanding our energetic life force and the human condition and in using this phenomena and tool so we may begin to create the life we want while leaving behind many fears limitations and traumas as we move forward to fulfill our greatest life goals. The Code that Kaya offers to us reveals the intention inscribed both in matter and in every individual person, and it allows us to discover a new way of perceiving life. All seekers of wisdom and Universal Energy seek to discover the answer to Who are we? What Is the purpose of a physical life and What happens to us when we die? By knowing that our dreams are the inner stuff of what life is made of…the spiritual essence of our soul and the connection to Universal Energy we may know ourselves and others better and become more aware and awakened to the possibilities of creating our most positive and fulfilling life experience.
In Sheryl’s new book The Living Spirit: Answers to Healing and Infinite Love , Sheryl suggests certain ways to perceive our individuality uniqueness and our interconnection to each other and all of life as a means to answer questions leading to freedom from fear and a return to peace harmony balance and love..Sheryl wrote
“As I feel asleep that night in Maine in a place still free of the ravages of overpopulated areas where technology, mass production, and excessive pollution have endangered our precious environments, I envisioned the open majestic freshness of forest, water and pure and happy children, and families nestled amidst the beauty of this majestic natural state. I had a dream or perhaps a visitation from one of my guides in Spirit and I heard:
Remember a place high above my home—a land of light which reflects the pure bright colors of the rainbow.
Remember teachers of divine beauty, love and wisdom and hear their thoughts which sound like music to prepare you into your physical life with the finest preparation to succeed in all you do…..
Remember as your heart beats and your feet tap and you dance to music only you might hear from your guide or angel in an eternal place of true love, that you are never alone.
Remember you and remember me as one together in unity and love for all time in life and yes in death.
As I awoke from my dream I remembered to be grateful for my life and was happy to know that so many others are finally awakened to this awareness of their physical and spiritual lives.”
Kaya and Sheryl would have you value your dreams as expressions of the creative living spirit which is your connection to the wisdom and guidance of Universal Energy and a way to create in reality your most valued dreams!!!