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Mind-Money Connection

Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Retrain Your Brain for a New Money Reality

Did you know that our brains have neuroplasticity?  “This means our brains have the ability to reorganize by creating new neural pathways to adapt to our needs.”*  This is also described as NeuroReinvention.

With this understanding, it only makes sense that we can retrain our brain for money success.  My guest, Valencia Ray, M.D., shares from her new book 5 Principles to Perform at Your Best: Access Your Hidden Assets with the Art and Science of NeuroReinvention (NRI). 

Valencia draws from her training in neuroscience as an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon.  She is also a speaker, facilitator and executive coach for individuals and organizations that want to perform at their very best.  You can contact her and learn more about her book, on her website

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