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Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – Presidential Debates and a Christmas Unlike Any Other

We have had the last GOP and Democratic Presidential debates for the year.  The days are counting down to the Iowa caucuses  and the New Hampshire primary.  What do you need to know?  Listen to this week’s show as Doc Holliday brings home the bacon of what is going down in both political parties.  Will the Republicans choose Trump, Cruz, or Rubio—or does anyone else have a Christmas miracle up their sleeve to get into the mix?  Will Bernie Sanders learn to fight to win or just be a has been?  Hillary Clinton sits in the catbird seat and Doc will tell you why.  And Doc Holliday has a Christmas story unlike any other in his life because his dad passed away last week—-but there is joy in his passing.  And Doc reaches deep into the soul of America to speak about what happened to his grandmother during World War II.  A blessing coming from adversity that blends right in with this season of “good news” to all people everywhere.